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( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. ( )6. ( )7. ( )8. ( )9.

A.photos of her house A.messy now A.handsome hair A.go to die A.dug a hole first A.surprised A.Dr Sun Yatsen A.took from the poor A.2008 Asian Games

B.photos of her horse B.messy before B.short boy B.go on to die B.broke the tree first B.excited

B.Mr Monkey King B.gave to the poor B.2010 Asian Games B.2300

C.photos of her friends D.photos of herself C.nice now C.handsome boy C.go on the diet C.moved the tree first C.happy C. Dr Lu Xun C.gave to the rich C.2012 Olympics C.3002

D.clean but messy D.brown boy D.go on a diet

D.moved the garden first D.angry

D. Mr Robin Hood D.took the rich D.2010 Olympic D.2003

( )10. A.2030

二、听句子三遍,根据听到的内容,写出句子所缺的单词。(10分) 1. My ______________is _______________52 years old. 2. There is no __________ in this house. So it is very ________. 3. When did you ___________ a ____________? 4. Please __________ the hole with ___________.

5. Robin Hood lived in a ___________ ____________ of trees. 三、听句子三遍,判断句子是否符合图意,如果符合写“T”,否则写“F”。(5分)

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3.(


4. ( ) 5. (


四、听短文三次,判断句子是否符合短文内容,符合写“T”,否则写“F”。(5分) ( ) 1. Sally is an Australian girl.


( ) 2. Sally is with long brown hair and blonde eyes.

( ) 3. Sally was smaller.

( ) 4. Sally weights 55 kilos now.

( ) 5. Her mother moved to the new house far away from the school.



happy:______________________________________________ teacher:___________________________________________


( ) 1.Your bed room is _______ than mine.

A. bright B. brighter C. brightest D. more bright

( ) 2.This tree is ______ than that one.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. more tall

( ) 3. Beijing is _____ than Guangzhou.

A. cold B. more cold C. much colder D. many cold

( ) 4. Let me _____ you my photos.

A. listen B. look C. see D. show

( ) 5. Welcome ______ my garden.

A. to B. for C. at D. on

( ) 6. In 1979, Deng Xiaoping _____ an important speech in Guangdong.

A. make B. is making C. made D. will make

( ) 7. I am ____ a story about Lu Xun.

A. seeing B. see C. read D. reading

( ) 8. _____ the lady happy when the shoots appeared?

A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Did

( ) 9. It’s time _____ pick up the fruit!

A. to B. for C. at D. in


( ) 10. Four years ago, Tom ____ a hole in his garden.

A. dig B. is digging C. dug D. will dig

( ) 11. I _____ the museum last week.

A. visited B. is visiting C. visit D. will visit

( ) 12. The 2012 Olympic Games _____ in London.

A. is held B. was held C. be held D. will be held

( ) 13. Mao Zedong _____ born in 1893.

A. is B. was C. are D. will be

( ) 14. I’m going to _____ the house next Sunday.

A. clean B. cleaned C. cleaning D. cleans

( ) 15. ____ you _____ your work on time?

A. Does…finish B. Are…finish C. Is…finish D. Did…finish


( )1.如果你们班来了新同学,向他/她表示欢迎,你可以说:

A. Welcome to my room. B. Please come in C.Welcome to our class. ( )2.如果你想邀请朋友来你的生日晚会,你可以说:

A. Come to my house. B. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

C. You could come to my birthday party.

( )3. 当你有一个建议,想征求朋友们的意见如何,你最好说:

A. Shall you go to the park and play badminton?

B. We go to the park and play badminton, do you know?

C. Shall we go to the park and play badminton?

( )4. 你不知道学校怎么走,你向别人询问路线,你如何问:

A.Shall you tell me the way to the school?

B. Could you tell me the way to the school?

C. How do you know the way to the school?

( )5. 你进入一个商店,店员向你询问:

A. What do you want? B. Have a look. C. What can I do for you?



A: Good afternoon.

B: Good afternoon. ______ I help you?

A: Yes, do you have Andy Lau’s music CD?

B: Let me _______. Ah, here it is.


A: Thank you. But I already had this one. Do you have _________one?

B: Ok, the new one, I ________ you could like, here you are.

A: Oh! Yes, I _________ it. Thanks, how _________ is it?

B: 10 pounds.

A: Ok, I’ll _______ it. Bye.

B: Bye.


(Mike and Jane are on the phone)

A: Hello, may I ______ to mike?

B: ____________. This is Mike. _________ that?

A: It’s Jane.

B: Hello, Jane.

A: Hello, Mike, __________ you like to go to the cinema ________ me this Sunday? B: Oh, this Sunday I _______ clean my bike.

A: What __________ Saturday?

B: Ok, I am free. Where shall we __________?

A: Let’s meet at the gate of the cinema _______ four o’clock in the afternoon, ok? B: Ok, see you.

A: See you.


1. Where were you born?


2. Are you heavier than before?


3. Did you clean your classroom yesterday?


4. Do you know some famous leaders in the world? Who are they?


5. Were you a naughty child when you were very young?


6. How many students are there in your class?


7. What date is it today?



8.What do you like, coffee or tea?



1. There is ________ (a, an) old photo of Sun Yatsen on the wall.

2. Miss White is one of ________ (a, the) best teachers in our school.

3. My mother often __________ (go, goes) shopping on weekend.

4. I wish I could __________ (fly, flying) in the blue sky.

5. Look! There is a book on the desk. It must _______ (be, is) yours.

6. Last night, the policemen caught a thief. And the thief________ (crashed, is crashing) into a tree.

7. This room is _________ (a little, very) larger than that one.

8. My father was fit before, but now he is _____ (fatter, younger).

9._________ (May, Shall) we go and visit it this Sunday?

10. I dreamed I ________ (run, ran) in the 2012 Olympic games.


(一) 读短文,根据短文选择问题的正确答案。

Jiamin’s grandfather was born in 1930 in a poor farmer’s family. His home was near

Guangzhou. His parents were not rich. Life was hard at that time. His grandfather had two sisters and a brother. Their house was very small. There was only one bedroom and one toilet. The bedroom was also the living room and the kitchen and the toilet was also the bathroom. Jiamin’s grandfather didn’t study much. When he was fifteen he came to Guangzhou and worked in a factory. He married Jiamin’s grandmother when he was thirty-five.

( ) 1. His grandfather had__________

A. one sister B.three brothers C. only one brother

( ) 3.His grandfather’s house had ___________

A. two toilets B. only one bedroom C. only one living room

( ) 3.What did Jiamin’s grandfather do at the factory?

A. He made machines. B. He cooked at the factory.

C.We don’t know.

( ) 4. Jiamin’s grandfather came to Guanghzou when he _________


A. married B. was 15 C. was a student

( ) 5. Jiamin’s grandfather married in __________

A. 1930 B. 1965 C. 1935


Dr Sun Yatsen was born in 1866 in Guangdong. He was VERY IMPORTANT! He was a great leader. He was against the emperor. He tried to change China and free the people. In 1911, Dr Sun Yatsen, the father of China, became its first president. He died in 1925 in Beijing.

1. ( ) Dr Sun Yatsen was born in 1866 in Beijing.

2. ( ) Dr Sun Yatsen tried to change China and free the people.

3. ( ) Dr Sun Yatsen wasn’t the father of China.

4. ( ) Dr Sun Yatsen died in 1925 in Guangdong.






1. Sally showed us the photos of her house.

2. Jiamin’s bedroom was messy before. But now it is clean and tidy.

3. My brother had short hair before. He was a handsome boy.

4. My aunt is heavy now. she must go on a diet.

5. On the tree planting day, children went to plant trees. First, the dug a hole, then moved the tree into the hole.

6. The football match is exciting. They are so excited.

7. I am reading a book about Dr Sun Yatsen.

8. Robin Hood was a hero. He took from the rich and gave to the poor.

9. I hope I can see 2012 Olympics in London.

10. My son was born in 2003.

二、听句子三遍,根据听到的内容,写出句子所缺的单词 三、听句子三遍,判断句子是否符合图意,如果符合写“T”,否则写“F”。

1. The window is closed. The house is dark.

2. The student is reading a book.

3. Charlie Chaplin was a famous British film star.

4. Tomorrow is the Christmas Day. All children will be happy.

5. The first president of China is Mao Zedong.


My good friend named sally. She is an American girl. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She likes to smile. We were born in the same year. She is a little younger than me. But she is much heavier than me. Now she is 45 kilos. I asked her to go on a diet. Now we can just call each other. Because three months ago, her mum moved to a new house far away from the school and she went to a new school.




二、1.grandfather, about 2. window, dark 3. become, footballer 4. fill, earth 5. forest, full



五、do: A B G L happy: C D H K teacher: E F I J

六、 B B C D A / C D C A C / A D B A D

七、C B C B C

八、1.Can/ May 2.see 3.another 4.think/ hope 5.like 6.much

7.take 8.speak 9.Speaking 10.Who’s 11.would 12. with

13. will/may/must 14.about 15. meet 16.at

九、1、 I was born in (地点)。

2、Yes, I am./ No, I am not.

3. Yes, I (we) did. / No, I (we) didn’t.

4. Yes, I do. Dr sun Yatsen/ Mao Zedong / Deng Xiaoping …

/ No, I don’t.

5. Yes, I was./ No, I wasn’t.

6.回答数字即可。/ There are … 7.回答当天日期。 8. Coffee. / Tea.

八、1.an 2. the 3. goes 4. fly 5. be 6. crashed 7. a little 8. fatter

9. Shall 10. ran

九、(一)CBCBB (二)F T F F

十. 1.日记格式正确得一分,否则扣一分。





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