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(时间: 60 分钟)

命题人:周旭成老师 审题人:余勇东老师

班级 : 姓名 : 学号 : 考号 :


一、听句子,选择句子含有的信息,把其大写字母编号写在题前括号内。(10分) ( )1.A.three doors B.three floors C.three walls ( )2.A.close your mouth ( )3.A.house ( )4.A.live

( )5.A.behind the dog ( )6.A.give a shower ( )7.A.big garden ( )8.A.black bedroom ( )9.A.eighty boys ( )10.A.do his homework

B.close your eyes B.flat B.love

B.beside the dog B.have a shower B.that garden B.white bedroom B.eight boys B.do her homework

C.open your eyes C.school C.large

C.beside the duck C.take a shower C.this garden C.black bathroom C.eighty toys C.do your homework


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


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( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1.A.Yes, it is. B. Some books. C. No, this isn’t.

( )2.A.No, it isn’t B. Yes, there is. C. It’s a pencil.

( )3.A.Yes,there are B. Yes, there is. C. They are some boys

( )4.A.It is blue. B. It is a bed. C. Yes ,it is.

( )5.A.Yes,it is. B. OK C. Go

( )6.A.It is beautiful B. Yes, I do C. Thanks

( )7.A.It is big. B. It is in front of the desk C. No, it isn’t.

( )8.A.Yes, I do. B. Yes, it is C. Yes, I am

( )9.A.I don't like it. B. It is large. C. Yes ,it is.

( )10.A.There are thirty. B. They are thirty. C. Yes, there are.


1.The cute ____________ has a lovely _______________.

2.________________ to our house. This is the_____________ room.

3.The ______________ is opposite our _______________.

4.Ten and _______________ is _______________.

5.There is a _____________ in my _______________.


( )1.This is a picture of Jack’s bedroom.

( )2.There is a large playground in Jack’s school.

( )3.There are 40 trees behind the playground.

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( )4.There are 35 classrooms in Jack’s school. ( )5.There are 45 desks and chairs in Jack’s classroom.



1.数字:_________________________________________________________ 2.房间:_________________________________________________________ 3.动词:_________________________________________________________ 4.形容词:______________________________________________________ 八、选择最佳答案填空,把其大写字母编号写在题前的括号内。(10分) ( )1.How many _________ are there in your big house? A .toilet B. toilets C. a toilet ( )2.The chair is next ________ the bed. A. on B. to C. in ( )3.There is a map ____ the wall.

A. on B. to C. in ( )4.--- ______ is the computer?

---It's purple.

A. How many B. What C. What colour

( )5.Now,please close your mouth _____ one minute.

A. for B. on C. of

( )6.Welcome to my school. This is our ____________.

A. teacher’s room B. teachers’ room C. teachers’s room ( )7.My uncle has a flat _________ that tall building. A. on B. in C. under

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( )8.---________ is my book?

--- It’s under the chair.

A. What B. Who C. Where

( )9.The pencil is _____ the English book and the Chinese book.

A. on B. between C. in

( )10.---________ like my bedroom?

---Yes, I do.

A. Do you B. Are you C. Is it


1. Please ______________(come, go) into my room.

2. I like to grow flowers _____________________(in the garden, on the floor).

3. On the wall, there are ________(four, one) pictures.

4. This is my flat. It _________(has, is) two bedrooms.

5. There aren’t ___________(some, any)trees in the garden.


1. Is there a computer in your study?


2. Do you like English?


3. What do you like to do in your living room?


4. Is your house large?


5. What is twenty and thirty?


6. Is your classroom big or small?

________________________________________________________________ 十一、根据上下文,选择恰当的单词填空,把下面的对话补充完整。(每个词只能用一次。)(7分)

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A:Is this a _________ of your house?

B: Yes, it _________.

A: How many _______________ are there in your house?

B: There are three rooms.

A: Is _________ a garden in your house?

B: Yes, there is.

A: Are there __________ trees in the garden?

B: Yes, there _______.

A: Do you like the house?

B: Yes, I _________.



My name is Mike. I am ten. This is my classroom. It is big. In my class, there are thirty-five children. There are twenty boys and fifteen girls in our class. There is a TV in my classroom. The TV is in the front of the classroom. There are six windows and two doors. There are four pictures on the wall. And I like my classroom.

( )1.Mike is 10 years old.

( )2.There are thirty-five children in the class.

( )3.There is a TV in the classroom.

( )4. There are two pictures on the wall.

( )5.There are twenty girls in the class.


Mouse A: Let’s go to the kitchen.

Mouse B: Don’t go. There are cats in it. They have meals there.

Mouse A: Let’s go to the living room.

Mouse B: Oh, no. Don’t go to the living room. There are cats in it.

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They watch TV there.

Mouse A: Let’s go to the study.

Mouse B: Oh no. There are cats in it. They read and work there.

Mouse A: Let’s go to the bedroom. There aren’t any cats there. Let’s go.

Mouse B: Oh, no. There is a cat on the bed, look!

Mouse A: Let’s go to the bathroom.

Mouse B: OK, there is no cat there. We can have a bath.

( )1.How many rooms are there in the cats’ house?

A. four B. five C. three

( )2.What do cats do in their study?

A. watch TV B. read and work C. do homework

( )3.Which(哪一个) room can the mice go?.

A. bathroom B.bedroom C.living room

( 更细心)?

A. mouse A B. mouse B


例子: My bedroom

My name is Xiaoling. I have a beautiful bedroom. It is pink and white. There is a door and a window in my bedroom. There are two chairs and a desk beside my bed. There is a picture and a map on the wall. I like my bedroom.

My _________

___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

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