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unit 4 i have a pen pal b let's learn第四课时

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B . Let’s learn

What’s your hobby ? I like ….

What ‘s your pen pal’s hobby ? He likes ….

He lives in Beijing .


Mr. Black

Does Mr. Black live in Beijing ? Yes , he does . Does Mr. Black live in Chongqing ? No ,he doesn’t .He lives in Beijing .

Where dose your pen pal live ? My pen pal lives in….

teaches English

Does he teach English ? Does she teach math too ?

No ,he doesn’t . doesn’t. No ,she

He teaches math. She teaches English.

goes to school

He goes to work by bus .

How does your father/mother go to work ?

My father/mother goes to work by….

Mr. Black likes watching TV .
He watches TV at night.

Mr.Black likes reading newspapers .

He reads newspapers every day .

He lives in Beijing .

He teaches English .
He goes to school by bus .

He watches TV at night . He reads newspapers every day .


?写出下列动词的第 三 人称单数形式
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

read – look – work – say – run – go – do – watch – teach – have –

reads looks works says runs goes does watches teaches has





动词第三人称单 数的变化规则: 1. 一般情况下, 加s. 2. 以s,x,ch, sh或o结尾的,加 es. 3、以y结尾的变y 为i再加es. 4、have改为has.

Guess stars.
He often goes on long trips. He usually goes to big cities by plane. His songs are very beautiful. He likes buying expensive clothes. He likes eating fruits too. He is very heavy. Maybe he doesn’t often do sports

1、抄写P49词组各一排 (2+1)或者网上一起作 业。(二选一) 2、跟读P49两遍并签字。 3、听写lives, goes, watches, reads , teaches并签字。

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