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PEP8 Unit3 Last weekend Part A Let’s read
Miss zhou

Let’s chant
Last weekend I played football. What did you do? Last weekend I cleaned the room.

What did you do?
Last weekend I washed clothes.

What did you do?
Last weekend I watched TV.

What did you do?

Can you read?
play – played football clean – cleaned the room listen – listened to music wash – washed clothes watch – watched TV cook – cooked the meals

-ed / d /

-ed / t / -ed / id /

visit – plant –

visited grandparents planted trees

do – did homework go – went shopping


Can you read?

Pair work

A: What did you do last weekend ? B: I …last Saturday. I …last Sunday. (washed clothes, …) A: How did you feel? B: I was …. (happy/tired…)

你知道was是谁的过去式吗? am, is → was

Task 1: Read quickly and answer (快速浏览课文,回答下面问题。) How was Wu Yifan’s last weekend?
Wu Yifan was busy last weekend. Learning tip ①(学习方法小提示):
在阅读短文时我们可以根据自己所需要了解的信息快速 忙碌的 浏览,获取关键信息。

Task 2: Read and underline

What did Wu Yifan do Saturday morning?

Learning tip ②(学习方法小提示):

He visited his grandmother. They cooked noodles together.

What did Wu Yifan and grandparents do in the evening? 在阅读时如需要寻找细节信息,应该放慢阅读速 They watched TV. 度,在找到的关键信息处划线。 What did Wu Yifan do Sunday morning? He played football with his friends. What did Wu Yifan do in the afternoon? He washed his clothes and cleaned his room.

Finish the sentences
visited (1)Wu Yifan ________his grandma Saturday morning. (2)Sunday morning ,he____________with played football his friends. (3)He washed his clothes and____________ ____________ cleaned his room

Sunday afternoon.

Listen and repeat
Learning tip ③(学习方法小提示):

Task 3:Retell “Wu’s Last Weekend” (二选一) 合作一: 四人一起复述 合作二:
Learning tip ④(学习方法小提示):

Tip: 当我们复述短文时,可以先整理出关键词,再根 据关键词进行复述。 Wu Yifan was busy last weekend. He…. It was…. They ….

Try to say
How did Wu Yifan feel?

I think Wu Yifan was …, because he ….

Country: Age: Height: Weight:

America 12 152cm 35kg



Hobby: singing and dancing ★ making friends

(Dad is knocking at the door.)

Listen and choose Dad: Hey, honey! What are you doing?
Lisa: Come in!

Lisa: I’m writing an e-mail. Dad, I have


Q1: Where Dad: Is your pen palafrom? is Lisa’s pen pal girl? ★ Lisa: A. China Yes, a girl. America B.
Dad: What’s her name? Lisa: Her name is Fang Bing.

a new pen pal.

Fang Bing

Q2: How does her pen pal feel ? Dad: Is she Chinese? ★ L

isa: Yes. She’s beautiful and smart. A. happy B. sad
But she’s not so happy.

From: Fang Bing@penpal.com To: Lisa@penpal.com Subject: Last Weekend

Fang Bing was tired, 自由朗读 because she ….

Dear Lisa,

USA must be fun! I live in China with my mom and dad.
I am not happy now, because I was so tired last weekend. Saturday morning, I went to the piano class. In the afternoon, I went to the math class. I don’t like math. In the evening, I watched cartoons. Then I played the piano. On Sunday, I did Chinese homework, math homework, … Help! What did you do last weekend? Your new pen pal, Fang Bing.

From: Lisa@penpal.com To: Fang Bing@penpal.com Subject: Last Weekend

Lisa was excited, 自由朗读 …. because she

Dear Fang Bing, I am happy to have a new pen pal. I live in New York. I was very excited last weekend. I cooked breakfast Saturday morning. It was yummy. In the afternoon, I went to a park and played games with my friends. In the evening, I watched cartoons. On Sunday, I went to my friend’s brithday party. In the evening, I played computer games. Fang Bing, don’t be sad! Be happy! Your new pen pal, Lisa.

Lisa was _________ last weekend. excited

Fang Bing was _______last weekend. tired

(你能给Fang Bing提些建议,让她开心些吗?)

Hey, Fang Bing! Be happy!
You can ….
sing, read a comic book, play ping-pong, take a trip eat chocolate/…, go to the cinema/…

Imitate and write 别忘记动词的过 去式哦! (仿写小作文 My Last Weekend)
My Last Weekend

Hello! I’m ___. I ____ busy last weekend. was I __________________Saturday morning. In the afternoon, I _________________. Sunday morming,I ___________________. In the afternoon, I __________________. hat a _____weekend!

No matter how your last weekend was, we should remember——

Let bygones be bygones!
Be happy every week!
不管周末过得如何,我们都该记住: 过去的就让它过去! 开开心心地过每一周!

1.独立复述Wu’s Last Weekend 给同桌听。 2.与更多的同学分享你的作文My Last Weekend。 3.E-mail me, and tell me about your last weekend. (选做)

Write me an e-mail, and tell me your last weekend.
From: To: daibingling2008@163.com

Subject: Last Weekend

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