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命题人:康飞燕、徐亚云、巨珍、徐世选、 审题人:


一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10)

( )1.A.sorry B.some C.story

( ) 2.A.fish B.foot C.fifty

( ) 3.A.quite B.light C.bike

( ) 4.A.many B.may C.music

( ) 5.A.small B.sport C.boats

二、 听录音,给下列句子排排队。(10)

( )My friend is strong .He has a short hair.

( ) She has long hair ,big eyes and ears.

( ) He has a small nose and a big mouth.

( ) My friend is a boy. He’s thin.

( ) He has short hair .He likes math.

三、 听录音,判断下列各句与你所听到的内容是(√)否(×)相符。(10)

( )1、My sister is thin. She is very tall.

( )2、The boy is strong. He doesn’t like English.

( )3、My friend is a boy. He has a big mouth.

( )4、Li Lin is quiet. She has long hair.

( )5、My room is big and nice.

四、 听录音,根据你所听到的录音内容填空。(10)

1、LiLy is my best . She’s a nice . She’s quiet. She likes music. She has short hair and big eyes.

2、Miss Sun is from . She’s tall. She has long black hair . She’’m her



1、f,e,i,r,n,d 2、q,e,i,t,u 3、t,s,o,g,n,r 4、u,s,m,c,i

5、y,l,o,w,e,l 6、p,t,r,o,s 7、n,s,a,e,k 8、r,g, i,t,h

9、s,m,t,a,e,c,l,a,s 10、h,i,n,c,e,s,e


1、have pens red I five

2、bag your is colour what

3、near the is that desk book

4、have I many blue pencils

5、hair he short black has


( )1、May I have a look? A、It’s on the desk.

( )2、What’s that? B、It’s blue.

( )3、What colour is the sky? C、It’s a big bee.

( )4、Where’s my book? D、LiLy is my best friend. ( )5、What’s in your pencil-case? E、Sure.Here you are.

( )6、Who’s your best friend? F、One ruler and five pencils


( )1、I’m fine , thank you.(写出问句)

A.How are you ? B. How am I ? C.What are you ?

( )2 、I’对划线部分提问)

A.What’s your name ? B. What’s my name ?

( )3、Do you have a red pencil?(否定回答)

A.Yes,I do . B. No,I don’t .

( )4、What’s in your schoolbag ?

A. A book B. A books

( )5、What’s her name ?

A. His name is Amy. B.Her name is Amy


1、----What does he like ?


2、----What does Ann like ?

----Ann likes (玩电脑游戏)。

3、----What’s your father ?

----My father is a (教师)。

4、Tom likes (运动)。

C. What’s her name ? C.No,I am not. C. An book C.She’s name is Amy



一、1.strong 2.fish 3.quiet 4.music 5.sports

二、1、She has long hair,big eyes and ears.

2、He has a small nose and a big mouth.

3、My friend is strong .He has short hair.

4、He has short hair .He likes math

5、My friend is a boy .He’s thin.

三、1 .My sister is thin .She is very tall.

2.The boy is not strong .He doesn’t like English.

3.My friend is a girl.

4.Li Lin is active.She has long hair.

5.My room is big and nice.

四、1.LiLy is my best friend.She’s a nice girl.She’s quiet.She has short hair and big eyes.

2.Miss Sun is from Beijing.She’s tall.She has long black hair.She’s my English teacher.I’m her student.


一、1. 1.strong 2.fish 3.quiet 4.music 5.sports

二、3 1 2 5 4

三、√ × × × √

四、1.friend girl 2. Beijing teacher student


五、friend quiet strong music yellow

sport snake right classmate Chinese

六、1 .I have five red pens .

2.What colour is your bag ?

3.That book is near the desk.

4.I have many blue pencils.

5.He has short black hair


八、A A B A 九、1.listening to music

B 2.playing computer games 3.teacher 4.sports

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