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一、Listen and choose(听音,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一项,并将其字母编号写在题前的括号里。)(10分)

( )1.A. by B. bike C. bus

( ) 2. A. ship B. sheep C. sleep

( ) 3. A. trip B. ship C. sheep

( ) 4. A. stop B. story C. store

( ) 5. A. plant B. plane C. plate

( ) 6. A.12 B.20 C.12th

( ) 7. A. light B. right C. fight

( ) 8. A. foot B. food C. fruit

( ) 9. A. I am doing homework. B. I often do homework.

C. I am going to do homework.

( )10.A. Get off at the north gate B. Get off at the library

C. Get on the No.14 bus

二、Listen and judge(10分)

你将听到一个句子或一组对话,根据所听到的内容, 在每小题的大图中圈出相符的图片。别忘了先浏览选项!每小题读两遍。(每小题1分,共10分)

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

7.. 8.


9.. 10.

三. Listen and chose the best answer. (听录音,选择最合适的答语。)(10分)

( ) 1. A. No, it’s near. B. No, it’s far. C. No, it’s fast.

( ) 2. A. No, you can’t. B. Sure, if you like.

C. No, I can’t.

( ) 3. A. By bike. B. I’m going to go by plane.

C. I go by train.

( ) 4. A.I can go by the No.5 bus.

B. It’s next to the theme park.

C. Walk straight for 5 minutes, then turn left.

( )5. A. Yes, it is. B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I am.

四、Listen and fill(听录音,填写下列句子中所缺的单词,使句子完整,每空一词。)分。) 5 (

1. Excuse me, where is the __________? It’s near the park.

2. Do you have a new __________? Yes, I do.

3. Where is the ? It's east of the science museum.

4. How do you go to Guangzhou? I go

by .

5. Go _______ to the zoo, it’s on your left.

五、Listen and judge. (听录音,判断句子的对错,对的写“T”, 错的写“F”)(10分) ( )1. Today is the first day of the week.

( ) 2. David is going to the zoo with his friends.

( ) 3. The No. 9 bus will take them to the zoo.

( ) 4. The museum is east of the zoo.

( ) 5. They are going to see some animals there.


六、Read and choose(阅读对话,根据上下文,选择正确的句子,把字母编号填在相应的横线上。)(10分)

A. Where do you often go in the afternoon? B. Can I go with you?

C. You are welcome. D. What are you doing to do this afternoon?

E. Is it far from here? F. You can go by the No.C4 bus.

G. I am going to buy some comic books for my sister.

A: ____________________________________?

B: I am going to the bookstore.

A: What are you going to buy?

B: ________________________________ But how can I get there?


B: Where is the bus stop?

A: It’s in front of the People’s park.

B: ___________________________________?

A: No, it’s near.

B: Thank you.

A: ___________________________________.

七.Read and choose.阅读下面的短文,按要求答题。(每小题1.5分,共15分。)


Tomorrow is Saturday. Ben isn't going to school. He is going to get up early. In the morning, he is going to Xinhua Library .He's going there by bus. He's going to have lunch in KFC In the afternoon, he is going to play ping-pong with his friends. At about 4:30,he is going home to do homework. Then he is going to water the flowers .He's going to cook the meals for his parents in the evening.

( )1.What day is it today? Today is .

A. Friday. B. Saturday.

( )2. What’s Ben going to do on Saturday morning ?

He is going to

A. Xinhua Library B. visit his grandparents

( )3. Ben is going to have lunch ?

A. In KFC . B. In McDonald's

( )4. Ben is going to Xinhua Library by

A. train. B. bus

( )5. Is Ben a good boy?

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't.

(二) 阅读下面的短文,判断下列句子的对错。用T和F表示。

In England people don’t usually talk too much. You can go on a bus or in a train, and everyone sits looking out of the window.

Often they read. They read books and newspapers. But they don’t talk much. When you meet English people, they often talk about one thing—weather. So when you meet someone in England, you can say, “Nice weather for the time of the year!”

“ But it was a little warmer later!” you can say.

Talk like this, and the English will think, “ how friendly you are!”

( ) 1. In England people don’t like talking.

( ) 2 English people in a train often look out of the window.

( )3.English people like watching TV very much.

( )4. English people often read books and newspapers.

( ) 5.When you meet English people, you can talk about many things.


(don’t post office and is Bookstore with near like on what in read) Tomorrow _______New Year’s Day. We _______ go to school. I am going to the Xinhua ___________and buy some books in it. I am going _______ my friends. We are

going _______ foot. Because it’s _________. And we ________ walking. _________the evening, I am going to ___________ the new books. _________are you going to do tomorrow?

九、Ask and answer(认真观察图片,根据答句写问句。)(10分)

1. ? 1.

I usually go on foot.

2. ? 2.

No, you can go by the No.4 bus.

3. ?

I am going to visit my grandparents tomorrow morning.

4. ? 4

No, the shoe store is south of the bookstore.

5._________________________________________ ? 5

It’s next to the post office.



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