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(人教新版)六年级英语下册课件 Unit 3 Lesson 15(1)

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There are many trees in front of the building.

There is a clothes shop on the left of the hairdresser.

There is a restaurant between the clothes shop and the grocery shop.

There is a bank near my home.

There is a post office in front of my home.

There is a hotel on the left of the restaurant.

There is a post office next to the bookshop.

There is a supermarket across the road.

There is a hospital on the right of the bank.

Lily is Lisa’s classmate. She moved to Lisa’s neighbourhood last week. Lisa lives at 305 Sun Bilding. Today is Saturday. Lisa is piaying in front of the Sun Building. She is happy to see Lily here.

Lily: Good


Lisa: Good morning,Lily. Nice to see you here.

I moved to this neighbourhood last week.

Lisa: Really? Welcome to my neighbourhood! Lily:Thank you.

By the way, I want to go to the post office. But where is it?


Go straight along this road. When you get to the main street, turn left. Go straight along that street. You will see a green building on the left. The post office is in it. Thank you. You are welcome.

Lily: Lisa:

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