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Unit 2 Lesson 1 Do you like running?


1.能听懂、会说、认读、规范书写单词:run, come;能听懂、会说、认读单词:skip并能结合句型灵活运用。


“Do you like …? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.”





子: “Do you like …? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.”

2.难点:“Come and skip”的汉语意思;单词“skip”的正确发音。

三、教具:表格,头饰, PPT。

一、 Warm-up

1.Sing a song

T: Good morning, boys and girls. I’m glad to meet you !Let’s sing a song, OK?


2.Let’s do

T: You sing very well. I do an action, you can act and speak out the word, are you clear?


二、 Presentation

1、 Watch and choose

T: You are great! Boys and girls, I like singing, I want to join singing group. Tom’s school of interest groups began to sign up. What does Tom like? Watch and answer.

----Do you like running, Tom?

---- _______.

A: Yes, I do. B: No, I don’t.

Students answer. Then teach “,run,

running, DO you like running? No, I don’t.”

2、 Watch again and choose

T: Does Tom like skipping? Watch again and choose. ----Do you like skipping, Tom?


A: Yes, I do. B: No, I don’t.

Students answer. Then teach

“skipping, Do you like skipping? Yes, I do.”


4. Listen and repeat

T: Pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation. (设计意图:通过模仿跟读,让学生接受英语原音。)

三、 Practice

1、 Role play the dialogue

2、 Let’s talk

T: Stop here, boys and girls. Look at the pictures, Who can help?

T: Do you like running/...?

S: Yes, I do. Do you like basketball/...?

T: No, I don’t.

Now, practise in pairs, please.

四、 Production

Interest group to sign up(兴趣小组报名)

1、 T: Everyone is super. Our school of interest groups b

egin to sign up. What do you like? Students take out paper 1, practise in pairs. Then choose your own hobby.(两人一组交流自己的爱好,并在设计好的表格中勾出自己喜欢的活动。)

2、 T: Finally with the completed form to the group leade

r sign up there.(拿着填好的表格到小组长那儿报名。)

3、 Ask one or two group to show their work.

E. g : S1: I like running. Do you like running?

S2: No, I don’t. I like skipping.

Group leader: What do you like?

S1: I like singing.



(1) Listen and read part 1 of Lesson 2 at least twice.

(2) Using the sentence patterns of this lesson to know loving friends or family.

六、Bb design:

Lesson 1 Do you like running?

running ?

Do you like

skipping ?

Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

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