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(湘少版)六年级英语上册课件 Unit 12(2)

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Unit 12 Christmas

Do you remember?
? How to decorate the Christmas tree? ? Can you give some instructions to decorate the Christmas tree?

Christmas Day

Listen and Answer
? When Christmas Eve is? ? What do friends bring to the people in each house on Christmas? ? Why do children put stockings at the end of their beds? ? What kind of person is Father Christmas? ? How does Father Christmas come into the house?

? 1. On the morning of Christmas Day, Children wake up their parents very early and say D “_____”. A. Good morning! B. Happy New Year! C. Best wishes to you! D. Merry Christmas! D ? 2. On Christmas Day, people often _____ to each other. A. give money B. ask for money C. ask for presents D. give presents

Retell and fill in the blank
kind-hearted Father Christmas is a very __________ man. He lands on top of each house all ______ over the world and climbs down the chimney fills _________. He then ____ the stockings with ____ Christmas presents. But who is Father Christmas Can a man really climb ____________? in down the chimney of every house ___ Of course not the world in a single night?__________.

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