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姓名 班级 学号 得分

听 力 部 分(40%)

一.Listen and choose. 听录音,选择你所听到的内容。10% ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 1. A. lunch ) 2. A. cook ) 4. A. fish

B. food B. sweep B. fresh B. tasty

C. potato C. wash C. grape C. kind C. Thursday C. table C. too C. cabbage C. do the dishes B. I’d like some pork.

) 3. A. computer ) 5. A. Monday ) 6. A. today ) 7. A. heavy ) 8. A. egg

B. favourite B. Tuesday B. healthy B. eggplant

) 9. A. do homework

B. do housework

) 10.A. I’d like some mutton.

C. I’d like some potatoes.

二.Listen and number. 听音,给下列图片按听到的顺序标号。8%

.( ) .( ) .( ) .( )

.( ) .( ) .( ) .( )

三.Listen and choose the right answers.听句子,选出相应的正确答语。10% ( )1. A. Mr Zhao. ( )2. A. Yes, he is. ( )3. A. It’s sunny.

B. He’s tall and thin. B. No, she isn’t.

C. She’s active. C. No, he is.

B. I like Wednesdays. C. It’s Wednesday.

( )4. A. I often read books and watch TV


B. I have computer and science.

C. We have green beans and potatoes for lunch today. ( )5. A. I’d like some tomatoes and mutton for lunch. B. I like oranges and grapes. C. I have tofu and beef on Tuesdays.

四.Listen and write. 听句子,在句中横线上填写听到的单词。12% 1. I like carrot juice. It’s ______ and healthy. 2. What can you do, Zoom? I can ______ the meals. 3. What It’s _________. 4. Is she ? Yes, she is. 5. He’s tall and 6. What’s your favourite _________? I like __________ and apples.

笔 试 部 分(60%)

五.Read and order. 按查字典的顺序给下列字母排序,在括号里标上序号。10% funny short like Tuesday day too ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) sweet tofu we

( ) ( ) ( )

六.Read and choose.找出下列各组单词中不同类的选项。10% ( ( ( (

) 1. A. Monday ) 2. A. Miss ) 3. A. fat ) 4. A. tea

B. Friday B. music B. tall B. Coke

C. Sunday C. Mr C. big C. milk C. lunch

D. day D. Mrs D. bag D. egg D. active

( ) 5. A. smart B. strict 七.Read and choose.选择填空。10% ( ( ( (

) 1. My brother ______ beef.

A. like

B. likes

) 2. _______ day is the third Sunday in June.

A. Father’s

A. Monday A. six

B. Mother’s B. Sunday B.seven

) 3. The first day in a week is . ) 4. There are days in a week.


) 5. I like ice-cream. It’s . A. sour B. sweet

( )6. Mother Goat is ill. We can ______ her.

A. help B. helps

( )7.I’d like have a try.

A. to B./

( )8.I’m hungry. Please give me some ______.

A. water

A. for B. bread B. to ( )9. It’s 7:30. It’s time ______ go to school.

( )10.I have green beans and pork A. on B. for

八.Read and arrange. 连词成句,别忘记看标点符号。10%

1. do on what Tuesdays do you(?)

2. your is favourite food what Mike (, ?)

3. they sweet healthy are and (.)

4. my music is tall teacher (?)

5. like apples I peaches and(.)

九.Read and choose.情景对话。10%

John: Good afternoon, Mike.

Mike: _____________ What do you have on Tuesdays? John: _____________

Mike: Great. ______________

John: I often play basketball. Do you like playing basket? Mike: ___________ And who’s your P.E. teacher?

John: __________ His class is so much fun.

Mike: I know. Let’s play basketball on the weekend.

Mike: Good idea.

十.Read and judge.阅读短文选择正确答案。10%

Hi! I'm Jack. I'm from Willow School. Today is Tuesday. We have math,

Chinese and computer. I like computer. Mr Zhang is my computer teacher. He is very strong and funny. We like him very much. We have eggplant and fish for lunch on Wednesdays. I don't like eggplant. Tofu is my favourite food. Saturdays are my favourite days. I often play football on Saturdays. Of course, I do my homework on Saturdays, too. What about you?

( )1.What day is it today?

A.Tuesday B. Wednesday

( )2.What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays?

A.Pork and rice B.Eggplant and fish

( )3.What is Jack's computer teacher like?

A.He is tall and thin. B.He's strong and funny.

( )4.Does Jack like his computer teacher?

A.Yes, he does B.No, he doesn't.

( )5.What does Jack do on Saturdays?

A.He often plays computer games.

B.He often plays football and does homework.


一.Listen and choose.听录音,选择你所听到的内容。

1. food 2.sweep 3. computer 4. kind 5. Thursday

6. tasty 7. healthy 8. eggplant 9. do housework

10. I’d like some mutton.

二. Listen and number. 听音,给下列图片按听到的顺序标号。

1.Mike often do homework and play football.

2.I have P.E. and art on Mondays.

3.Potatoes are my favourite.

4.I’d like some cabbage and chicken for lunch.

5.He’s my friend. He’s a university student.

6.My music teacher is very funny.

7.Green beans are healthy for you.

8.I like Fridays.

三. Listen and choose the right answers.听句子,选出相应的正确答语。

1.Who’s your art teacher?

2.Is he young?

3.What day is it today?

4.What do you have for lunch today?

5.What’s your favourite food?

四. Listen and write. 听句子,在句中横线上填写听到的单词。

1. I like carrot juice. It’s is it today? It’s Yes, she is.

5. He’s tall and 6. What’

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