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A )1. Would you like ____ the football match?

A. to watch B. to see C. watch D. see

( B )2. There is going to be a good film at the _____.

A. stadium B. cinema C. office D. school ( B )3. My family usually go to the park together _____ Sunday .

A. in B. on C. at D. /

( B )4. I would like to go to Beijing _____ the morning of Monday .

A. in B. on C. at D. for

( B )5 _____ is the first day of the week .

A. Saturday B. Sunday C. Monday D. Friday

( B)6. —Would you like something to drink?—Yes,_____.

A. I would like B. I would like to C. I would D. I like ( A )7. He with his mother going shopping .

A. is B. are C. be D. am

( B )8. He and his mother going shopping.

A. is B. are C. be D. am

( C )9. Jackie Chan is my _____ film star.

A. like B. best C. favourite D. good

( B )10. —Let’s help our teacher carry the heavy bag .

A. That’s OK B. That ’s a great idea

C. That’s right D. That’s all right

( A )11. This an _____ to the cinema.

A. invitation B. invite C. invites D. invited

( A )12. Let me _____ the teacher to help answer the question.

B. to ask C. asks D. asked

( A )13. The Taijiquan _____ is in Garden Hotel.

A. class B. lesson C. classes D. lessons

( D )14. My son has piano _____ every week.

A. class B. lesson C. classes D. lessons

( B )15. To be a good swimmer, I must have _____ lessons.

A. swim B. swimming C. to swim D. swims ( A )16. —Let’s play basketball on Sunday. —_____.

A. That’s a great idea B. You’re welcome

C. That’s right D. That’s all right

( A)17. —What day is it today? —_____.

A Monday B. fine C. sunny D. May 1st ( B )18. —Where is the football match ? —It’s ____ the stadium.

A. to B. at C. on D. of

( B )19. ______ the world, we have a lot of friends.

A. To B. Around C. With D. On

( A )20. Would you like ____ water ?

A. some B. any C. a D. an

( A )21. How many people are there in your _____ ?

A. family B. house C. home D. room

(A )22. I have _____ uncle named Mike.

A. an B. a C. the D. /

( D )23. How _____ water do you want ?

A. many B. much C. some D. any

( B )24. You call your mum and dad ______.

A. mother B. father C. perent D. parents

( A )25. _____ you got any brothers ?

A. Have B. Has C. Is there D. Are there

( B )26. You call your mother’s or father’s sister _____.

A. sister B. aunt C. uncle D. brother —_______. A. ask

C )27. I have got an aunt and an uncle. _____ names are Kate and Mike.

A. Her B. His C. Their D. Its

( B )28. Tony ____ got four sisters.

A. have B. has C. there is D. there are

( C )29. I ____ want to learn Japanese .

A. too B. either C. also D. as

( B)30. Thank you for ____ me.

A. e-mail B. e-mailing C. to e-mail D. emails

二、A:In our school, 1C . In my classroom, 2 E .

B:There are 25 boys and 21 girls. There are 48 desks.

A:Are there any computers on your desks? Is there a computer on miss Li’s desk?

B:No, . And there aren’t any computers on our desk..

A. There isn’t a computer on Miss Li’s desk.

B. There are 46 students in my class.

C. there are 20 students in a class.

D. That’s not right.

E. there’s a blackboard and there are 22 desks.

三、1.There are some birds in the sky. (变为否定句)

There _aren’t_ any_ birds in the sky.

2. There’s a little dog under the tree. (变为一般疑问句)

_Is__ _there a little dog under the tree ? (就划线部分提问)

_What_ _colour_ are her shoes?

4. There’s (就划线部分提问)

_What_ __is__ on the wall?

5. There’re就划线部分提问)

__How_ _many_ boys are there in the class?

四1. There are differences between Chinese and Americans in an invitation (邀请) of dinner.

2. Yesterday I saw a lot of film stars at Dalian _Stadium__ (体育馆).

3. _Wednesday_ (周三) is the fourth day of the week.

4. I like __watching_ (看) football matches.

5. He can play table __ tennis__ (网球) very well.

6. The __ magic___ (魔术) show is wonderful.

7. It’s Manchester United, my _ favourite__ (最喜爱的) team.

8. ___ Picnic __ (野餐) in the open air is cool.

9. My family usually go to the park at __weekend_ (周末).

10. __Stay___(保持) healthy, and you can do the work well.

五、Mr White and his 1 decided to paint the outside of their house. To save money they wanted to do it 2 . The next went to a football match while his wife painted the the house. On Sunday they found they couldn’t openof the front windows. They got them all in the end. But they they try to save money, they’ll certainly pay to do the work.

( A )1. A. wife B. sister C. daughter D. mother

A )2. A. themselves B. himself C. yourselves D. itself

( D )3. A. and B. with C. of D. on

( A )4. A. Mr White B. Mrs White C. a player D. a painter

( B )5. A. before B. front C. back D. top

( A )6. A. any B. some C. every D. no

( A )7. A. open B. closed C. broken D. shout

( A )8. A. broke B. closed C. opened D. shut

( A )9. A. when B. after C. before D. while

( A )10. A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. none

六、I have a good family. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and I. My father is 40. He is a Chinese teacher. My mother is 38. She is an English teacher. They work in different schools. My sister’s name is Li Fang. She is ten. We are in the same school, but in different classes and grades. We have a nice picture of our family. It’s on the wall. Look! Our father and mother are in the chair, and we two stand behind them.


( X ) 1. My sister and I are at school.

( X ) 2. My sister and I are twins.

( X ) 3. Li Fang is in Class Three, Grade One. I am in Class Three, Grade Two.

( X ) 4. My father and mother are in different schools, they are English teachers.

( X ) 5. In the picture, they stand behind the door.

BOne afternoon when the lessons were over, Peter and Paul did not go home. They stayed at school to help their teacher. They worked for an hour.

When the boys reached home, it was seven o’clock. It was dark outside, but there was light inside their home and the door was open.

“Who can it be?” said Peter, he smiled and said, “Come in! You don’t know me, but I am your father’s friend. He asked me to get some money for him.” The man did not see Paul.

Peter went inside and began talking to the man, but Paul did not. He quickly but went away to call a policeman. The policeman came and caught the man.


( D ) 1. Peter and Paul stayed behind after school .

A. until the school was over B. until seven o’clock

C. until eight o’clock D. for an hour

( B ) 2. Their home was bright because A. it was still early B. there was light

C. it was dark outside D. a man was inside

( A ) 3. Paul and Peter .

A. were brothers B. were afraid of the man

C. often helpful to their teacher D. tried to catch the man

( A ) 4. Paul went away to A. call the police B. say to others

C. telephone their parents D. tell his friends

( C ) 5. From the story we know .

A. the policeman knew the man inside Paul’s home

B. Peter called the policeman

C. Peter and Paul’s teacher was in trouble

D. their parents went shopping, but they didn’t take enough money with them


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a beautiful tree.

Days before the holiday season, Western children begin decorating (装饰) Christmas trees. They put colourful lights and stars on them. But the best things are the gifts (礼物) under the tree!

Where did the first Christmas tree come from? There are many stories about it.

One is about the German Martin Luther. He was walking through the forest (树林) one Christmas Eve. As he walked, he saw millions of stars above ever-green (常绿的) trees. He thought it was beautiful. He cut down a small tree and took it home to his family. He put candles (蜡烛) on it.

Another story is about a poor woodman. He met a lost and hungry child on Christmas Eve. He was very poor himself, but gave the child food and a place to stay.

He woke the next morning to find a beautiful tree outside his door. The hungry child was really an angel (天使). He wanted to thank the man.

People first had Christmas trees in Germany in 1600s. Now there are different kinds of Christmas trees, even man-made ones. But they all have a very big star or an angel on the top.

(D ) 1. The passage (短文) is about .

A. Christmas Eve B. Christmas Day C. Christmas gifts D. Christmas trees

( B ) 2. The passage tells us stories about Christmas trees.

A. one B. two C. some D. many

( B ) 3. People first had Christmas trees in a country.

A. eastern B. western C. southern D. northern

( C ) 4. “man-made ones” here means A. Christmas gifts made by men B. Christmas stars made at Christmas

C. Christmas trees made by men D. Christmas holidays made by men

( D ) 5. The best title (标题) for the passage is .

A. First Christmas Day B. The best Christmas gifts

C. Beautiful Christmas trees D. First Christmas trees


1—5:ABBBB 6—10:BABCB 11—15:AAADB

16—20:AABBA 21—25:AABDA 26—30:BCBCB




1. aren’t, any 2. Is there 3. What colour 4. What is 5. How many


1. invitation 2. Stadium 3. Wednesday 4. watching 5. tennis

6. magic 7. favourite 8. Picnic 9. weekend 10. Stay


1—5:AADAB 6—10:AAAAA


A. 1—5:×××××

B. 1—5:DBAAC

C. 1—5:DBBCD


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