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五年级第一学期英语期末测试卷 班级孩子们老师经常说:如果你们面前真的放一坐英语金山,你能带走多少金子?一学期结束了,请把你手里的金子展示出来吧!来,先从你的金耳朵开始。

一、 听力部分(每题读三遍)

1 听字母选单词,并将其序号填入前面的括号里(10分) ( )1 A when B where C what

( )2 A this B those C these

( )3A met B meet C drop

( )4 A ran B run C hurry

( )5 A blind B deaf C firemen

( )6 A lost B lose C tell

( )7 cheese B juice C sausage

( )8 A every B everyone C enough

( )9 A mine B my C hers

( )10 A yours B his C hers

二、 看图听音标序号(10分)

1 ice cream 2 half a kilo 3 get up 4 some nice noodles soup 5 morning exercise 6 a blind 7 a program about dog 8 a good goal keeper 9 Be careful 10 The great wall

三、 听音连线(10分)


Da Ming (1)eat some food (2)ate some food

Sam (1)did her homework (2)do her

Ling Ling (1)help her mum (2)helped her mum

Amy (1)play foot ball (2)played football Ms smart (1)go to the park (2)went to the park


( )A Yes she did B No she didn’t

( )A No I don’t B Yes I do

( )A Yes its his B No Its mine

( )A No I can t B Yes I can

( )A Yes please B of course not

五、听句子,从方框中选出恰当的单词填在横线上。 Should shouldn’t was were

1、 Ling ling in London.

2、 in China

3 、 do morning exercise

4 、 jump on the bed.



(1)( )do you want?

A How many bananas B How much cheese

(2) There are - pencils

A enough B too many

(3)You can catch the ball

A very well B very badly

(4) She cant

A see B hear

(5)Are you feeling

A bored B angry


1、 come back 快点

2、 hurry up 购物清单

3、 shopping list 回来

4、 the British Museum 给你一个惊喜

5、 the London Eye 伦敦眼

6 、What s the matter 大英博物馆

7、 Be careful 小心

8、 good at 擅长

9、 my skipping rope 怎么啦

10、 make your surprise 我的跳绳


Sad bored angry happy hungry


1、did when you back come ?

2 like you Do cheese ?

3 do at the weekend did you what?

4 are enough There pencils.

5 run can you fast?

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