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2、 ,She is a .

3、 ?They are students.

4、 .

5、 .

参考单词 sister brother mother father nurse doctor driver farmer


1、 your father’s job? 2、people are there in your family?

A、What B、What`s C、How A、How much B、How many C、How

3、My family seven menbers. 4、My aunt is nurse

A、have B、has C、is A、an B、a C、the

5、This is dad. 6、Is this your uncle? _______.

A、me B、I C、my A、Yes, she is. B、Yes, I am C、Yes, it is.

7、Is a dancer? 8、Who they?

A、her B、she C、his A、is B、\ C、are

9、How many people there in your family? 10、What`s your aunt’A、do B、are C、is A、Yes, she is B、She is a teacher C、She is my aunt

11、My father a teacher. 12、That man is uncle

A、am B、is C、look A、Tom B、Toms C、Tom`s


( )1. How many people are there in your family? A. It`s near the door.

( )2. What`s in your schoolbag? B. He is a baseball palyer .

( )3. What color is your pen? C. 2 pencils and 5 books.

( )4. What`s his name? D. I `d like some tea...

( )5. May I have a look? E. Sure, here you are.

( )6. Where is my seat? F. Yes,they are.

( ) 7、What`s your uncle’s job? G. His name is Mike

( ) 8、What would you like? H. Four

( ) 9、Who is this man? I. It`s black.

( ) 10、Are they farmers? J.He is my uncle.


1、many , people , there, in , your, are , How , family?____________________________________________

2、your , is , What , uncle’s ,job ? ____________________________________________

3、uncle , My ,basketball, player, is. ____________________________________________

4、members, family ,has ,My ,seven.____________________________________________

5、is, He, strong , tall , and.____________________________________________


1、My father is a teacher.

2、Good morning! Welcome to meet my family.

3、How many people are there in your family?

4、Four. My father, my mother, my uncle and me.

5、What`s your father’s job?

( )----( )----( )----( )----( )

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