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一 连线

spoon 面条 beef 猪肉 twenty 三十

plate 冰箱 pork 牛肉 thirty 电话

study 盘子 bread 鸡肉 phone 二十

fridge 勺子 soup 汤 sofa 厨房

noodle 书房 chicken 面包 kitchen 沙发


( ) 1. A. rice B. fish C. beef D. juice

( ) 2. A. noodles B. knife C. spoon D. fork

( ) 3. A. chair B. phone C. table D. desk

( ) 4. A. bread B. hot dog C. water D. coffee

( )5、A、school B、chopsticks C、spoon D plate


( )1、What you like? ( )2、I`d some vegetables.

A、are B、is C、would A、love B、good C、like

( )3、yourself. ( )4、How ? Five yuan.

A、Take B、Make C、Help A、do B、much C、many

( )5、Let show you. ( ) 6、Sure, here A、my B、me C、I A、are you B、you are C、you

( )7、Can I have some ? ( )8、Can I have some A、rice B、rices C、Ricees A、noodles B、noodle C、noodlees

( )9、What`s dinner ( )10、 books do you have? I have 6.

A、to B、for C、in A、Where B、What C、How many

( )11、I Chinese food. ( )12、I like some fish

A、like B、likes C、would A、would B、am C、have

( )13、would you like for dinner. ( )14、Dinner ready!.

A、Do B、Who C、What A、is B、are C、be


( ) 1、What would you like? A It`s on the floor

( )2、How much is the hot dog? B、Sure, here you are

( )3、Can I have some noodles? C Pencils and books

( )4、What`s in your schoolbag? E、I`d like some noodles

( )5、Where`s my pencil? F、Five yuan

( )6、Do you like some juice? G、Yes,I do

五、 连词成句

1、would , like , what , you , dinner, for? ________________________________________

2、soup , some , I ,like ,would ? ________________________________________

3、you, Would, like, knife, a, and , fork? ________________________________________

4、family,My, six, has, people. ________________________________________

5、 use , can ,I , chopsticks. ________________________________________

6、Chinese , like , food, I ________________________________________

十、阅读下面的短文,判断正误。对的打(√),错的打(×)。 This is my bedroom.It is a nice room.There is a shelf in the bedroom.There are some books on the shelf.There is a bed near the window.There is a cat under the bed.It’s name is Mimi.There is a desk in it ,too.There are some flowers on the desk.Do you like my bedroom?

( )1. The bedroom is a nice room.

( )2. The shelf is in the bedroom.

( )3. The cat is on the bed.

( )4. On the desk there are some flowers.

( )5. The books are on the desk.

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