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小学英语复习 专项选择题

1. We < > a good time yesterday. A. have B. had C. having

2. He usually < > his bike. A. ride B. riding C. rides

3. I am < > Mexico. A. come B. from C. to

4. < > does she live?----She lives in London. A. Where B. What C. How

5. It's a picture < > the Great Wall. A. of B. to C. on

6. ---What did you see yesterday?---I < > lions and monkeys.

A. see B.saw C. sees

7. I didn't < > football yesterday. A. played B. play C.playing

8. Yesterday I < > to the zoo. A. go B. went C.goes

9. What happened < > you? A. to B. for C. with

10. Then Sam fell < > his bike. A. for B. on C. off

11. ----Did you fall over? ----Yes, I < >.

A. did B. didn't C. don't

12. We went < > a bike ride. A. for B.on C. off

13. So practice a < >. A. lots B.lots C. lot

14. You will < > a competition. A. win B. winner C.won

15.----Did you < > a monster.----No, I didn't.

A.see B.seeing C.saw

16.The English man invented the bicycle < > 1839.

A. at B. on C.in

17. ----What's the matter? -----< >.

A. I've got a cough. B. I've got a ball.

18.----Where did you go? ----I went to < >.

A. the zoo B. the bike

19.----Billy < > TV yesterday. A. didn't watch B. watch

20. Lily ate < > last Friday. A. books B. hamburgers

21. Yesterday < > a special day.There < > no school.

A. was, was B. is, is

22. I usually < > up at half past six. A. get B. got C. gets

3. Did he < > clean the room yesterday?

A. No, he didn't. B. Yes, he didn't.


1. We're going to ( )to the new school. A. near B. move C. turn

2. The new school has ( )classrooms than the old one .

A. many B. much C. more

3. Your classrooms are ( )and ( )than ours.

A. big , bright B. big , brighter C. bigger , brighter

4. I have a long ruler. But your rule is ( )than mine.

A. longer B. long C. very long

5. Your class is bigger than ( ). A. us B. our C. ours

6. What ( )do you usually speak at school ? Chinese.

A. time B. language C. class

7. The girl practices drawing _______ half _____ hour every day.

A. from, an B. for , an C. at , a

8. We should _________our hands before we eat.

A. washes B. wash C. washing

9. We should have four ________ foods every day.

A. kinds of B. differdnt C. kind

10. What's the _________ like? It's windy and dry.

A. matter B. better, C. weather

11. 你想问今天的天气?

A. What's the matter? B. Is it good today? C. What's the weather like? 12 你劝告你的朋友不要吃太多糖。

A Don't eat too many sweets. B. Please eat plenty of sweats.

C. Don't eat sweets. Give me.


A. Sally, e-mail to me. B.I prefer e-mail.

C. May I e-mail to Sally?

14 当你的意见与朋友不一致。

A. I'm agree with you. B. I don't agree with you.

C. I'm right. You're wrong.

15 朋友跟你说"Happy birthday!"

A. That's OK. B. Thank you. C. Happy birthday

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