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(人教PEP)六年级英语上册课件 Unit 4(13)

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I often read books. So, reading books is my hobby.

I like reading books.

I like riding a bike.

I like diving.

I like playing the violin.

I like collecting stamps.

I like making kites.

What is your hobby? Playing, playing, I like

What is your hobby? playing the violin. collecting stamps. riding a bike.

Collecting, collecting, I like Riding, riding, I like

Making, making, I like Diving, diving, I like

making kites. diving.

What’s her hobby?

He / She likes ….

Now ,let’s have a match. Ask and answer as quickly as you can.(What’s your hobby?) Ask one by one, when you finish, raise your hand.

Riding a bike


Playing the violin

Collectin g stamps

Making kites

Swimmi ng


boys girls

Three boys like playing football. Two boys like riding a bike. Two girls like listening to music…


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

She likes playing the violin and writing emails. She likes swimming. He likes listening to music. She likes swimming, diving, and riding bike. She likes drawing pictures, making kites .

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