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班级:__________ 姓名:___________ 学号:__________

Module One Unit One

以前的学生 the former student 坐地铁 by underground 校巴 school bus

其余科目 other subjects 学校餐厅 school canteen 做作业 do homework 放学后 after school 一个小时 an hour 半个小时 half an hour

练习钢琴 practise the piano 像你一样 like you 笔友 pen friend 互相 each other

开始上课 begin classes 回家 go back home 起床 get up 睡觉 go to bed 吃晚饭 have dinner 吃午饭 have lunch

Module One Unit Two 担心 be worried about 课堂上睡觉 sleeps in class 上学迟到 be late for school 大量的 a lot of

上交作业 hand in homework

玩电脑游戏 play computer games 赶上 catch up with

一起帮助他 help him together 多点锻炼 take more exercise 完成作业 finish homework 及时 on time 上班 go to work 做晚饭 cook dinner 刷牙 brush teeth

在…方面做的好 do well in

Module Two Unit Four 看医生 see the doctor 感冒 have a cold

头痛 have a headache 牙痛 have a toothache 发烧 have a fever 喉咙痛 have a sore throat 胃痛 have a stomachache 是时候… It’s time to / for … 醒来 wake up 觉得累 feel tired

回去睡觉 go back to sleep 吃早饭 eat breakfast

感觉良好 feel good (well) 穿衣服 get dressed 洗澡 have/take a bath 许多 lots of / plenty of 太频繁 too often

过多 too many / too much 散步 go for a walk 冷水 cold water 洗手 wash hands

Module Two Unit Five

看起来很苍白 look very pale 做一个检查 give/have a checkup 走去学校 walk to school

很长一段时间 for a long time 服药 take/have medicine 每天三次 three times a day 留在家里 stay at home 休息 have/take a rest

Module Three Unit Seven 电脑室 computer room 游泳池 swimming pool 音乐室 music room 艺术室 art room

学校大门 school gate

教学楼 teaching/classroom building

广州国际学校 Guangzhou International School 搬至 move to 很多 quite a lot

一千零八十 one thousand and eighty 本学期 this term 下周五 next Friday 不必 need not

Module Three Unit Eight 清洁教室 clean the classroom 离开学校 leave school 在你的班里 in your class 在操场 on the playground

努力工作 work hard 不得不 have to

Module Four Unit Ten

最大的动物 the biggest animals 世界上 in the world 陆地上 on land

多于、大于 more than 蓝鲸 blue whale

2米长/高 two metres long/tall 150吨重 weigh 150 tons 没有牙齿 have no teeth 四吨食物 four tons of food 每天 each/every day 在公园 at the park

鲸鱼骨头 the whale’s bones 在三者里面 of the three

Module Four Unit Eleven

95公里每小时 95 kilometers an hour 看起来像 look like 跑得快 run fast 跳得高 jump high 努力学习 study hard

Module Five Unit Thirteen 进去 go inside 出去 go outside

最喜欢得食物 favourite food 太饱了 so/too full 走回家 go back home 白菜 Chinese cabbages

Module Five Unit Fourteen

广州酒家 Guangzhou Restaurant 在饭店里 in the restaurant 对我有益 good for me 海鲜 sea food

最著名得 the most famous 最美味的 the most delicious 四种食物 four kinds of food 果菜类 fruit-vegetables 奶制类 milk foods 西方食品 western food 中国食品 Chinese food 主菜 main course 赞同 agree with

Module Six Unit Sixteen 穿上 put on

带上雨伞 take the umbrella 带上雨衣 take the raincoat 在山里 in the mountain 你最好 you’d better

暖和的衣服 warm clothes

Module Five Unit Seventeen 比较冷 quite cold 春季 spring months 秋季 autumn months

坐在火炉边 sit by the fire 堆雪人 make snowmen 吃雪糕 eat ice cream 穿T桖 wear T-shirt

最喜欢的季节 favourite season 穿短裤 wear shorts

去旅游、观光 go sightseeing 去度假 go on holiday

在公园里玩 play in the park 持续 last for 放风筝 fly kites 野餐 have a picnic 下棋 play chess

去游泳 go swimming 与…不同 different from

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