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五年级英语上 1—2单元

This is my ______________.(哥哥)

We are ____________(双胞胎)

Do you know her _______________(姓)?

I am from _______________(澳大利亚)

He is from _______________(加拿大)

I live _____________(离 远) school.

I go to school by ___________(飞机)

I like _________________(骑自行车).

Where ________your sister from?(be)

We ________from the U.S.A.(be)

I _______from China.(be)

Are you __________________(美国人)?

Where ________they from?(be)

I ___________________(走着去上学)

She _________(live)near school.

He ___________(go)to school by __________(地铁) Billy ____________(take)the bike to school. My mother _____________________(走着上班)

It ___________(take) about twenty minutes.

Why don’t you ______________________(买一个礼物) Sandy is her ______________(名字)

Are you Chinese ? yse, I ________( do is am )


1.( ) where _______your friend from?

A.are B.do C.is D.does

2. ( ) Are you American? Yes, ______.

A. I is B. I do C. It is D. I am

3. ( ) Is Wang your first name? No, ______.

A. I am not B. It isn’t C. It doesn’t D. It don’t

4. ( ) ________your sister Australian?

A. Do B. Does C. Are D. Is

5. ( ) Do you live near school? Yes , ________.

A. I do B. Yes I am C. Yes I live D. Yes I does

6.( ) Sometimes I ______the bus.

A.by B.take C.on D.go

7.( ) How long does it take to go to school? It ______about 20 minutes.

A.take B.takes C.taking D.took

8.( ) Why don’t you _______a bike?

A.ride B.to ride C.rides D.riding

9.( ) She _______to school by bike.

A.go B.to go C.goes D.going

10.( ) My brother ________to school.

A.walk B.walking C.walks D.is walk

11.( ) They go to school _______.

A.take car B.take the car C.by the car D.by car

12.( ) He _________buy a present for his father.

A.want B.want to C.wants D.wants to

13.( ) Candy likes _______to school.

A.walk B.walking C.walks D.is walk

14.( ) my sister can _______a bike.

A.ride B.rides C.to ride D.riding

15.( ) He _______to the library by bus yesterday.

A.go B.goes C.went D.going


澳大利亚_______________ 加拿大________________ 中国_______________

我的哥哥________________ first name _______________ 离…远_________________ 地铁________________ 走着上学_______________________ 骑自行车_________________ 飞机_____________ 双胞胎 ________________ 整理床_____________________

起床_________________ wake up _____________ 读书____________________

刷牙_________________ 做家庭作业_____________________ 踢足球____________________ See a movie _______________ 看电视________________ borrow books _______________ Before breakfast _________ after supper ____________ go to the library __________________ Get dressed _______________ 在卫生间________________ hurry up _________________ 放学后______________ win (过去式) _______________ come(过去式)_______________

Get (现在分词)______________ go(过去式)________________ see(过去式)_______________ Am(过去式)___________ do(过去式)_______________ 去睡觉______________________

读报纸_______________________ in the kitchen ______________ tooth(复数)____________ 五年级英语上

1.( ) _________is that? That is my sister.

A. Where B.Who C. Who D. When

2.( ) where is she from? _________is from Shanghai.

A. She B.He C.Her D. His

3.( ) Are you a student? __________.

A. Yes I am B. No, I not C. No, you aren’t

4.( ) _______last name is Wang.

A. His B.Him C. He

5.( ) where ______you from?

A.do B.is C.are D.does

6.( ) He sometimes _______the subway to the zoo.

A.takes B.take C.by D.by the

7.( ) They live a little far ______school.

A.of B.for C.from D.to

8.( ) Why ________you ride a bike. That is a good idea.

A.do B.don’t C.are D.is

9.( )She ________TV on Sunday.

A.watch B.watching C.watches D.to watch

10.( ) It ______about 20 minutes.

A.taking B.take C.takes D.to take

11.( ) I go to school ______bus.

A.take B. take the C.by D.by the

12.( ) They ______to work.

A.walk B.walks C.walking D. to walk

13.( ) let’s ________to school .

A.go B.goes C.went D.going

14.( ) Do you play________?

A.a soccer B.the soccer C.soccer D.an soccer

15.( ) We go to bed _______ten o’clock.

A.in B.on C.at D.for

1.( ) what ______your mother doing?

A.is B.am C.are D.do

2.( ) she is ________in the kichen.

A.cooked B.cooks C.cooking D.to cook

3.( ) ________do you get up? In the morning.

A.Where B.What time C. What D.How

4.( )we don’t have ________class on Sunday .

A.some B.much C.any

5.( ) Your sister ______late today.

A.is B.are C.am D.be

6. ( )can I come in? Yes ,______.

A.you are B.you can C.you do

7. ( ) _______is in the bathroom? It is me.

A. Where B.Who C.What D. When

8. ( ) He’s _________dressed now.

A.get B.gets C.geting D.getting

9. ( ) I live a little far _____ school.

A.to B.from C.at D.on

10.( )Why don’t you _____ the subway?

A.take B.took C.taking D.takes

11.( ) She _____ to school.

A.walks B.walk C.walking D.to walk

12.( ) -How long does it take to go there? -It _____ about thirty _____.

A.take…minutes B.takes…minutes C.took…minutes D.takes…minute

13.( )I go to school by _____ bus.

A.the B.a C.× D.on

14.( )-What time do you get up? -I get up _____ 6:30.

A.on B.in C.at D.to

15.( )My name is Sandy Talor.So(那么) Sandy is my _____.

A.last name B. × C.first name D. name(姓)

16.( )She ____ her bike to school

A.ride B.rides C.riding D.to ride

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