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一、Read and tick (勾出划线部分发音不同的单词) 10 '

1、 2、 3、 4、 5、 6、 7、 8、



二、Think and write (按要求写单词) 10 '

1、one (序数词) 2、she(宾格)

3、sun(形容词) 4、go(过去时)

5、have(过去时) 6、fly(过去时)7、say(过去时) 8、twenty(序数词) 9、2:58(用英语表达) 10、15:45(用英语表达)

三、Think and write(用所给单词的适当形式填空) 10 '

1、I can't find (I) pen. May I use (you) ?

2、She (see) her grandmother yesterday.

3、What are you (make) ?

4、Did he (go) to school last week?

5、John usually (play) football after school.

6、My father can (ride) a horse.

7、Kitty likes (swim).

8、I live on the (five) floor.

9、I want both (peach).

10、This spaceship isn't (they).

四、Think and choose(选择填空) 20 '

1、 does he clean the cage? At half past six.

A. What B. When C. Where

2、 hay do they eat?

A. How B. How many C. How much

3、Whose shoes ? Kitty's.

A. is it B. are that C. are these

4、 you do your homework yesterday?

A. Do B. Does C. Did

5、Kitty at home yesterday afternoon.

A. were B. was C. is

6、Which bag do you like? The

A. big blue one B. blue big C. big blue

7、Let's to the toy shop.

A, go B. going C. goes

8、My grandfather to Shanghai last week.

A. comes B. come C. came

9、Helen likes to play violin.

A. a B. the C. /

10. I went to the station twelve.

A. on B. at C. in

11. What did he yesterday?

A. bought B. buy C. buys

12、A long time , there was a queen.

A. ago B. before C. under

13. there kilos of fruit?

A. Is?a B. Is?3 C. Are?3

14、What time do you get up?

A. Seven B. It's seven. C. At seven

15、Whose red bag is this? It's .

A. hers B. her's C. she's

16、Peter has many toys.

A. get B. gets C. got

17、He gives the book me.

A. to B. in C. for

18、I want a new doll. This too ugly.

A. one's B. ones C. one

19、This drum is A. he B. he's C. his

20、I usually a shower after I play football with my friends.

A. had B. have C. Has

五、Think and write. (连词成句) 5 '

1、lives my grandfather in Beijing

2、are playing in football playground the they

3、he how fruit much does eat

4、wants he ice-creams both

5、John home and at were Mary

六、Read and group.(将下列单词归类)10'










Musical instruments:___________________________________________

七、Read, think and answer(按要求改写下列句子) 20 '

1、Sam likes to play the drum.(改为否定句)

Sam ________ _______ to play the drum.


_________ _________ Ben usually _________ his breakfast?

3、The spaceship flew into the sky.(改为疑问句)

________ the spaceship _______ into the sky?

4、John does his homework in his bedroom.(用last night改写)

John ________ his homework in his bedroom last night.

5、Kitty plays the violin every day. (用now改写)

Kitty ________ ________ the violin _________.


_______ _______ dresses ________ the lady __________?

7、I was at home last night. (改成疑问句)

_________ ________ at home last night?

8、Danny washed the dishes for his mother this morning.(改成疑问句)

_________ Danny __________ the dishes for his mother this morning?


_______ _______ _______ Kitty ________ to buy?


______ _______ _______ you ______ breakfast?

11、The baby is asleep. (句子改成复数) The ______ ________ asleep.

12、What are you doing?(按实际情况回答)


13、What's the weather like?.(同义句) ________ ________ ___________ ___________?


_______ _______ Alice __________?


________ _________ Kitty yesterday?

八、Read and judge. (阅读短文,用“T”或“F”判断) 5

Lisa and Jenny are twins. They are talking about the summer holidays. Lisa wants to go to Hong Kong. But Jenny doesn't agree with her sister. She wants to go to Tibet. She says:"There are a lot of interesting places in Tibet. I love there." So they are going to Tibet. They are going there

by plane. It isn't cheap, but it can take them there quickly.

( ) 1. Lisa and Jerry are good friends.

( ) 2. They live in Hong Kong.

( ) 3. Lisa wants to go to Tibet.

( ) 4. There are a lot of interesting places in Tibet.

( ) 5. They are going there by plane because it is cheap.

九 、Read and answer the questions.( 阅读短文,回答下列问题) 5'

Hi! I'm Peter. Last night, we had a birthday party at home. It was my little sister's birthday party. She is seven years old now. She was very happy last night. She had many birthday presents.

A doll was from my father. A car was from my mother. I gave her a special present. It's a robot. She liked it very much. Everybody had a good time last night!

1. What did Peter's family do last night?


2. How old is his little sister?


3. How many people are there in Peter's family?


4. What did Peter give to his sister?


5. How was Peter's sister last night?


十、Write a diary. (写一篇日记,至少五句话)5’








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