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There are enough.

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Module 5 In class

Unit 1 There are enough.
执教:苏莉芳 2007

Chant: There are……表示有, 它呀是复数,

There are enough……表足够,

There aren’ t enough……表示不够。

1 What does Ms Smart ask Sam to do?

( Ms Smart叫Sam做什么?)
Ms Smart asks Sam to give out the pencils. 2 How many children are there in the class? (这个班级有几个学生?)

3 How many pencils has Ms Smart bought ? (Ms Smart已经买了几枝铅笔?) Twenty-five.

There are four children.

There are four pencils.

There are enough pencils.

There are six children.

There are five chairs.
There aren’ t enough chairs.

There are five children.

There are five caps.

There are enough caps.

There are three children.

There are two T-shirts.
There aren’t enough T-shirts.

连词成句: 1. are / There / enough / bananas.
There are enough bananas. 2 aren ’t / enough/ There/ caps. There aren’t enough caps.

Homework: 1 听课文录音跟读3遍; 2 抄写本节课的新单词; 3 预习下一单元。

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