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三年级英语上册 Unit 4(31)教案 人教PEP

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三年级英语上册 Unit 4(31)教案 人教PEP





2)进一步巩固句型:Do you like...?Yes,I do./No,I don't.以及I like...和I don't like...












学生学习剑桥英语已有一年半之久,他们学习英语的兴趣浓厚,已具备交流简单个人信息的能力。活泼爱玩,好表现自己是他们的天性。We love animals这一单元的主题是他们既熟悉又喜爱的动物,该课中的大部分动物单词学生已经学过,句型学生已熟练掌握,所以说学习这一课对于他们来说是件轻松愉快的事情。


1.Leading in

T:Just now,we watched "The Lion King",do you like animals?What can you see?Which animals do you like?Do you like panda?

2.Pre-task Preparation

1)Boys and girls,we are in the forest now,let's do some exercises.Listen and act.

Hands up.Hands down.Act like a dog/cat/monkey.Fly like a bird.Swim like a fish.Jump like a rabbit.Run like a horse.Walk like an elephant.

2)CAI shows pictures of four animals tails.

T:Look and guess.What animals are they?

S:It's a dog/an elephant/a horse/a monkey.

3)CAI shows eight photos of animals.

T:Look and say.What do you like?

S:I like sheep...

4)Let's chant.Ss say the chant with T.

I like sheep.I like goats.I like horses.I like dogs.

I like chicks.I like ducks.I like cows.I like cats.

5)CAI shows a big apple tree.

T:Now let's play a game.There are many apples on the tree,and each apple has a picture of an animal in back of it.I'll call one of you to pick an apple then write 1

down this word on the blackboard.If it is right,I'll give you a smiling face.

6)Game:Find friends.

①Give every S a card.

②T gives a model.

Sa:Do you like elephant

Sb:No,I don't like elephants.

Sa:Do you like elephants?

Sb:Yes,I like elephants.

Sa:We're friends.

③Ss free talk.

④Check it up.

Sa:We're friends because we like elephants.

3.Post-task Activities

1)T:Do you know which animal I like best?Can you guess?

T:(Show the toy giraffe and give the reasons.)Giraffe is my favourite animal.It is very pretty.It's very tall.It has got a small head,a long neck and a small tail.I like giraffes.Do you like giraffes?

S1:Yes,I like giraffes.

T:Great!This is for you.(Give her a smiling face.)

2)Activity:We love animals.(Show six toys:panda,monkey elephant,rabbit,snake,cat.)Divide the students into six groups,every group choose an animal,and discuss how to introduce it to others.

①T gives the example.

②Ss prepare in groups.

③Communicate with the other group.

e.g.S1:Hello!Look,this is a monkey.It's small.It's brown.It has a long tail.I like monkeys,because it is lovely and clever.Do you like monkeys?

S2:Yes,I like monkeys.

S1:Thank you.Goodbye.

④Communicate with the teachers.

T:There are many animals in the world,but we can't see some animals today and maybe they will never come back.Let's protect and save the animals.Do you love animals? T:Let's chant.


Tigers,hippos,bears and pandas.

We love animals,.

Monkeys,horses,dogs and cats.



Look up some books after class and find out where the rare animals are both in and outside China,and then answer the follwing questions.

1)Where can we see pandas/elephants/tigers in China?

2)Where can we see hippos/crocodiles?


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