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like a child 像个孩子

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like a child 像个孩子

歌手:Backstreet Boys 后街男孩

if i could right the wrongs that make you cry


i'd make a promise not to say goodbye


cause i'm holding on with a love so strong


and i can't take a day without you by my side


girl if i could change, if i could change your mind 宝贝,如果我能改变,如果我能改变你的想法 baby you can help me wipe these tears from my eyes 宝贝,你能擦干我的泪水

girl don't stop the sun from shining down on me 宝贝,不要让阳光停止照耀在我身上

cause i can't face another day without your smile 因为我无法面对没有你微笑的每一天

and if you take away the loving arms that surrond me 如果你带走围绕着我的爱的手臂

and i might break down and cry just like a child 我将会崩溃,哭得像个小孩。

girl i can't be long, and i won't be free


if i fail to bring your loving back to me


so i'm pressing on, i hope you understand


there's a broken heart that lies inside your hand 一颗受伤的心躺在你的手心

so if i could change,and it won't hurt your pride 如果我能改变,就不会伤你的自尊

baby you could help me stop these tears that i cry 宝贝,你能止住我哭泣的泪水

like a child, Just like a child


with the spirits running free,she showed me why oh she did 奉着自由的精神,她向我展示为什么她这样做 like a child, oh baby like a child


think of what our love coule be


if our hearts could set us free, like a child

如果彼此的心能给我们自由,如孩子般的 baby your love will last forever 宝贝,你的爱会直到永久 i know that we will stay together 我知道我们会在一起 cause my love is so much, i need you so much 因为我的爱如此多,我如此需要你 girl my love will last forever 宝贝,我的爱将会直到永久

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