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In winter, the weather is very cold. Some people feel sick in the cold weather. If you don’t wear enough clothes, you will have a cold. How do you feel if you have a cold? You will be very tired. Your head may hurt badly. Your temperature(体温) will be higher than 37℃,then the cold may turn into a fever. But don’t worry if you are sick, go to see a doctor. Take some medicine and stay in bed for a few days. And drink more hot water. Then you will get well soon.

( ) 1. People feel sick in winter because it’s.

A. warm B. cold

( .

A. tired. B. happy.

( ) 3. If your temperature is higher than 37℃ .

A. have a cold. B. have a fever.


A. see a doctor. B. go to school.

( is good for you when you’re sick.

A. Drinking hot water. B. Drinking cold water


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