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人教PEP版六年级英语上册《Unit 3(20)》AreadPPT课件

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I’m going to buy a book, I’m going to take a look, I’m going to bake a cake, I’m going to walk near a lake.
We are going to take a trip. We are going to take a sip. I’m going to outside to play. I’m going to have a good day!

I’m going to…..

take a trip

the cinema

read a magazine

the bookstore


the post office

I have a busy weekend!
Morning Afternoon Evening



watch TV
clean the bedroom read books

read books do homework do the dishes

A:What are you going to do on the weekend,LiuYun? bookstore B:I’m going to the _________. A:Are you going to the bookstore by bus? subway B:No,I’m going to by ________. A:What are you going to buy? storybooks A:I’m going to buy a new _____ and some __________. CD

I’m going to read books this evening.What about you?

I’m going to ….this evening. He/She is going to ….this evening.

On Sunday afternoon/morning,LiuYun is going to the with her .

On Sunday

,LiuYun is going

to watch TV with her aunt .

On Sunday evening ,I’m going

to watch TV with my … .

1.On Saturday,She’s going to the bookstore by subway. (Yes) 2.She’s going to buy a new CD and some story-books. (Yes) 3.She’s going to go home and listen to the new CD. (No) 4.On Saturday morning,she’s going to the supermarket with her monther. (No) 5.In the evening,she’s going to visit her aunt and watch TV together. (Yes)

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