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8年级上 unit1 where did you go on vacation Section A 2

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Unit 1
Where did you go on vacation? Section A 2dGrammar Focus

Helen Rick Where did they go on vacation?

2d. Listen. Where did the people go on vacation?

Helen Rick

Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall

2d. Listen. Where did the people go on vacation?


Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall stayed at home


2d. Listen again
Did you…

Yes, I did.

No, I didn’t

go with anyone? see Waterfall? buy anything special?
play volleyball? read books? relax yourself


Role-play the conversation
Rick: Hi, Helen. ________________. Long time no see Helen: Hi, Rick. Yes, I was ___________ last on vacation month. anywhere Rick: Oh, did you go __________ interesting? family Helen: Yes, I went to Guizhou with my_______. Rick: Wow! Did you see Huangguoshu Waterfall? wonderful Helen: Yes, I did. It was__________! We took quite a few _________photos there. What about you? Did you do anything special last month? Rick: Not really. I just ___________ most of the stayed at home time to read and _________. relax

3c.Group work. Ask your group questions about their last vacation.

Did you…

Classmates 1

Classmates 2

visit anyone in your family? buy anything? keep a dairy?
read anything interesting?

Report, please!

-one -body -thing

some- someone somebody something
anyanyone anybody anything

every- everyone everybody everything
nono one nobody nothing

1. 复合不定代词相当于名词,在句中作主语、宾 语、表语。someone, somebody, something一 般用于肯定句;anyone, anybody, anything一 般用于疑问句和否定句。


There are something on the table. 我任何东西都不想吃。
I don’t want to eat anything.

2.复合不定代词被形容词、动词不定式修饰时, 形容词和动词不定式要置于其后。 去一些无聊的地方go somewhere boring 遇见一些有趣的人 meet someone interesting 买一些特别的东西 buy something special 学到一些重要的东西 learn something important

3. 复合不定代词表示单数概念,作主语时,谓语 动词要用单数形式。

Everything _____ well. go goes
Everyone _____ English in our class. like likes Someone _____ waiting for you at the door. is are

4. 在表示请求、建议、反问等的疑问句中,问话 者希望得到肯定的答复时常用含有some的不定 代词something, somebody, someone等。 你想要吃些东西吗?

Would you like something to eat? Do you want to eat something?

5. anyone, anything也可以在肯定句中,表示 “任何人,任何事”。 任何人都会做这个。

Anyone can do this.

I can do anything for you.

Translate and write them down.
1. - 你去哪里度假了? - 我去爬山了。 - Where did you go on vacation? - I went to the mountains. 2. 我去了纽约市而且参观了博物馆。 I went to New York City and visited museums.

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