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Rules round us

Don’t turn left.



Don’t walk on the grass.

Don’t climb the tree.

Don’t enter . entrance

Don’t run.

Don’t leave rubbish.

Don’t play ball games.

Don’t talk loundly.

Where do we have rules?
Do you know?

We have rules…

rules in the classroom 1.We must not play ball games. 2.We must not leave rubbish. 3.We must not eat or drink. 4.We must not draw on the wall. 5.We must listen to our teacher.
We have

must“必须”情态动词后+v原,变否定句在情 态动词后+not,变一般疑问句,把情态动词 提前。以must开头的一般疑问句,否定回答 用,No,主+needn’t.类似的词有: can,would,should

We have rules

1.We 2.We 3.We 4.We

in the library must not leave rubbish. must not eat or drink. must not draw on the wall. must keep quiet.

Keep “保持” 1.keep+形容词 保持….eg:keep clean 2.keep doing sth 一直干某事

We have rules

on the road not play. not leave rubbish. not run across the wait for the green

1.We must 3.We must 4.We must road. 5.We must man.

in the park. 1.We must not walk on the grass. 2.We must not leave rubbish . 3.We must not pick the flowes. 4.We must not climb the tree.
We have rules

A:What does this sign mean?
B: We must not eat or drink.

A:Where can we find it ? C:We can find it in a library.
mean动词,“意味着…” 名词形式meaning What does this sign mean? =What is meaning of this sign? find和find out 都是发现,但find指找的结果, find out指经过思考才得出结果。


1.Ww must not walk __the grass.
2.We have ruled __the park.

3.We must not run __the road.
4.They are wating __you at the door. 5.Write the numbers __the circles. 6.You must not be late __school. 7.What is Miss Guo going to say__these students? 8.Don’t play __the classroom.

1.Do you usually go to the school___foot.



C. on


2.It takes us half __hour to get to the poast office. A.a B.an C.the D./ 3.-__do you listen to the school choir in the hall? -about three o’clock. A.How B.what time C.How old D.How many

4.The teacher wants me __the parents at the door. A.Welcome B.welcomes C.welcomed D.to welcome

5. We are in different ___ this year.

A.Shool B.schools C.the school D.schooles
6.Our family and relatives will arrive ___two o’clock. A.to B.in C.with D.at

7.They will __tea and cakes with the teacher
A.to have B.have C.has D.to has 8.Have you finished __your homework yet? A.Do B.to do C.does D.doing

9.-Do you like your job?-__? A.Yes,I does. B.No,Ido. C.Yes,Ido. D.Yes,I don’t. 10.Why not _your classroom better? A.make B.to make C.making D.makes

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