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人教版五年级上册Unit 4

What can you do?







(2)能听懂、会说Are you helpful at home?What can you do? I can… You’re helpful! 并能在情境中熟练运用。


能够询问、了解他人的生活自理能力,并做出相应的回答,如:Are you helpful?What can you do? I can…






重点:句型What can you do? I can….,要求学生做到四会,并能在情景中自然的加以运用。

难点:句型Are you helpful at home?以及在实际情景中正确运用所学对话。


Step 1: Warm-up

1. Free talk and review

2.(T:one two three S:three two one)

T: Hello, boys and girls. How are you, today?

S: I am fine, thank you.

And you? I am fine, too.(期间夹杂动作)

T: Now I have a game here. Let’s play the game. I will ask two Ss come here and you can take two cards. If I count two, you must show your cards, at the same time you must remember the other’s cards. I will give you two times. At the last, who remember more phrases, who is the winner. Are you ready(Yes)

Let’s begin. One, two, show me your card.

One, two, show me your card. Ok, Let’s say the phrases.

Girl,first:No.1…No.2…Boy, second: No.1…No.2…)

T: Please look at me, and I will do the actions You can guess and say the phrases. Yes. perfect.

(Sweep the floor\Cook the meals\Clean the bedroom\Empty the trash\ Water the flowers)

2. Let’s chant

T: Wow, you’re helpful. Now let’s have a chant,

Please stand up and look at the screen.

(Dog, dog, what can you do? I can run after you.

Panda, panda, what can you do? I can eat so much bamboo.

Mouse, mouse, what can you do? I can hide in the shoe.

Mike, Mike, what can you do? I can draw animals in the zoo!)


Step 2: Presentation

Let’s try

T:(接Let’s chant)The dog can run, the panda can eat bamboo, Mike can draw animals, and he also can do many other things. Can you guess what can he do? Let’s listen to the tape and tick the right pictures.

Grandma: What can you do,Mike?

Mike: I can sweep the floor.I can cook the meals.I can clean the bedroom.And I can water the flowers.

A: Are you helpful at home?

B: Yes./Sure.

A: What can you do?

B: I can…

A: Great, you’re helpful!(太好了,你能帮忙了)


1.T gives an example, then let Ss write down their reports and

show it out.

My friend is ***, she’s/he’s tall ,strong and healthy, she’s/he’s helpful, she/he can cook the meals, clean the bedroom, sweep the floor and empty the trash.

2.教师出示一张日历,上面写着:Mother's Day,教师问:What day is today? 学生回答后,教师说:The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day.Let’s do something for our mothers on that day? What can you do ? Let’s make a dialogue as follow.例如:

S1: Today is Mother's Day, Mom.Happy Mother's Day! Let me help you. M: What can you do, good boy/girl?

S1: I can ....

M: Great! You're helpful!

Step 3: Consolidation and extension

Some tips

T: You’re helpful at home. When you do housework, there are some tips for you, let’s see together.

When you cook the meals, remember to switch off the gas.(烧饭别忘关煤气, 否则是很危险的.)

When you empty the trash, remember to pick out the batteries.(倒垃圾时把垃圾归类,废旧电池不能乱扔,否则会污染环境。)

When you do the dishes, remember to rinse off the detergent.( 洗碗筷要将洗洁精冲净,否则对身体有害)

When you wash the clothes, remember to separate the coloured clothes from the white ones.( 洗衣服易褪色衣服要分开洗,否则会相互染色,损坏衣服。)

Step 4: If you help others,

you will get help from them.


Let’s be helpful!

Step 5: Homework

1. Listen to the tape and read on P46-47 3times.

2. Finish the dialogue.


本课时从Let's chant的I can…导入,用游戏的方式检查了单词的拼写,同时锻炼了学生的快速反应,为进一步深入学习做好铺垫。

接着从Let's talk的机械操练,到group work的趣味性操练,再到“探究活动”的实际应用,循序渐近,使学生将知识层层深入。

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