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Grade5 Lesson 9

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Unit Three
Trees Help Us Lesson 10

Trees help us.

Trees can make food for people.

Sometimes we eat the food from trees. Sometimes we build things with the wood from trees. Apples, peaches, nuts, and many other fruits come from trees.

What about plants?

We eat many parts of plants. The leaves, the stems, the roots, the seeds, and the fruits.

We eat the fruits of plants.

We eat the leaves of plants.

We eat the seeds of plants.

We eat the roots of plants.

We eat the stems of plants.

1.People eat many foods______ from also trees. Animals can _____ eat the comes from food ______ trees. The food______ from _________ parts _____ the different of trees. 不同的、不一样的 What about 2.____ _____ plants? of 3.We eat many parts ____ plants. Sometimes _______ we eat just the ______. fruit leaves Sometimes we eat just the ______. 仅仅、只是

4.We may also eat the ______, stem root seeds the _______,or the _______.

? 1.人们吃的很多食物都来自树。动 物吃的食物也来自树。食物来自树 的不同部分。 ? 2.植物怎么样呢? ? 3.我们吃植物的很多部分。有时候 我们仅吃植物的果实。有时候我们 仅吃植物的叶子。 ? 4.我们也吃植物的茎、根和种子。

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