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Lesson29 Gifts for Everyone

Ⅰ.Read and choose.读一读,选一选。 1.我们在北京给你们买了礼物。( )

A.We buy gifts for you in Beijing.

B.I bought for you in Beijing.

C.We bought gifts for you in Beijing.

2.这个风筝是给你买的。( )

A.This kite is for you.

B.This kite is to you.

C.This kite are for you.

3.这个帽子对我来说太小了。( )

A.This hat is too big for me.

B.This hat is too small to me.

C.This hat is too small for me.

4.红色是我最喜欢的颜色。( )

A.Red is my best colour.

B.Red is my favourite colour.

C.Green is my favourite colour.

Ⅱ.Choose and complete. 选一选,补全对话。

A:This is a ________ for you,dad.

B:_________ you,Jack.How was your________? A:It was ____________!

B:What's this?

A:It's a ___________.

B:People in China like to __________ kites. A:Really? How can I do with it?

B:Let's fly it together(一起).

A:OK. Let's go__________.

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