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新版小学新标准英语(三年级起)四年级上册Module7 Unit1 There is a horse in this photo.

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Module 7 Unit1

There is a horse in this photo.

1 Listen and chant.听,并且说唱韵诗。
Look at the photo.
There is a horse. And there is a girl. She is riding a horse.

有一匹马。 还有一个小女孩。 她正在骑马。

There is a horse
in this photo.

? There is a girl in this photo. ? She is riding the horse.

Listen,point and find“There is”.
听活动二,并圈画出含有“There is”的句子。

There are some nice photos here.

Let’s have a look .

It’s running fast.

There is a sheep in this photo.

It’s eating vegetables.


There is a cat.


It’s climbing a tree.


There is a girl under the tree.

She is watching the cat.

Who’s the girl? 这个女孩是谁? I can’t see her face. 我看不清她的 脸。

girl There is a_____in this photo.

riding She’s________a horse.

dog There is a______in this photo.

eating It’s________a bone.

boy There is a _______in this photo.

playing He’s ________football.

girl There is a _________in this photo.

flying She’s _________a kite.

boy There is a ____in this photo. swimming He’s ___________in the sea.

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