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班级: 姓名: 得分:


1.起床: 2. 上一节课:

3. 玩游戏: 4..花园: 5,操场: 6 图书馆:

7. 吃中饭: 8.电脑:


1.()①have breakfast ②go to bed ③meat

2. ( ) ①when ② what ③computer

3. ( ) ①library ②our ③toilet

4. ( ) ①morning ②afternoon ③aunt

5. ( ) ①early ②dinner ③late

6.( )①teachers’office ②any ③school gate


Go to Have Play Watch

Get up

school lunch games TV Go to bed




7:00 8:00 12:00 4:00 8:00 12:00 6:30 7:50 12:00 3:00 7:00 10:30

1. My brother goes to school at 8:00. ( )

2. I go to bed at 10:30. ( )

3.My brother and I have lunch at 12:00. ( )

4. I get up early at 6:30. ( )

5. My brother watches TV at 7:00. ( )


1. She 2. some desks and chairs in our classroom.

(some/any) computers in the library?

6. He (go/goes)to bed at 10.

7. (Is/Are)there a garden in your school?

9 ’s) in your library?

10. He is playing the basketball (on/at/in)the



1.Are there four playgrounds in your school?

A Yes, there is B No, there isn’t C Yes, there are

2. When do you have classes?

A. Yes, I do B In eight in the morning C. At seven in the morning

3. What’s in your school?

A Yes, there is B There is a small library C No, there isn’t

4. Is there any students in it?

A Yes, there is B No, there is C No, there aren’t.

5.Do you play games at school?

A At five in the morning B Yes, we do C No, we doesn’t


1. she does when up get up ?

2. in your school is ? what

3. there a library is .

4. are ? in the library computers any there

5. have classes afternoon in I the.

6. she at goes to bed late night


( ) 当你想别人什么时候上课时,会说:

A. What do you have classes? B. When do you play games? C. When do you have classes? D. Where do you have classes?

2 . ( ) “早睡早起”怎么说

A. When do you go to bed B .Late to bed and early to rise

C. Early to bed and early to rise. D. I go to bed at night

3.( )“我们下午四点钟玩游戏”怎么说

A They play games at four in the afternoon B We play games at three in the morning C We play games at four in the afternoon D We play games at five at night


A Are there a teachers’ office? B Is there a library? C Is there a teachers’ office?

5. ( ) “操场上有什么?”怎么说

A. What’s in the playground? B What on the playground?

C What’s on the playground?

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