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我想和他一起玩。I want to play with ______.

6、it 的用法。

-Where is my car?

-_____ is over there.

指天气 It is raining outside.

指气候 It is cold in Harbin.

指时间 -What time is it ?

-It’s six o’clock.

7、they和 them.

_______ are listening to the radio.

There are some cats, I like _____ very much.


1、_____(我) am a teacher.

2、My father is talking with______(我)

3、_______ are Chinese.(我们)

4、Her sister is helping ______.(我们)

5、_____ are a beautiful girl.(你)

6、_____ are students.(你们)

7、____ is a cat.(它)

8、______ are playing football.(他们)

9、______ often goes to the park after school.(他)

10、My dog likes _____.(她)


形容词性物主代词:我的____ 你的____ 他的____ 她的____ 它的____

我们的_____ 你们的_____ 他们的______

名词性物主代词:我的_____ 你的_____ 他的____ 她的_____ 它的_____

我们的_____ 你们的_____ 他们的_____




This is my book. 这是我的书。

We love our motherland. 我们热爱我们的祖国。


Look at the two pencils. The red one is yours and the blue one is mine. 看那两支铅笔,红的是你的,蓝的是我的。

He likes my pen. He doesn't like hers. 他喜欢我的钢笔。不喜欢她的。




1. This is(my / I)mother.

2. Nice to meet (your / you).

3. (He / His)name is Mark.

4. What’s(she / her)name?

5. Excuse(me / my / I).

6. Are(your / you)Miss Li?

7. (I/ My)am Ben.

8. (She / Her)is my sister.

9. Fine , thank (your / you).

10. How old is (he / his)


1. Mary works in a bookstore. likes work very much.

2. John and I are in the same school. go to school together.

3. She is a friend of 3

4. Her sister makes all own dresses.

5. I have many friends. Some of are good at English.

6. May I use bike? is broken.

7. Everybody is here except Ann and ________ friend Jane. ________ are in the library now.


1. Who’s singing over there ? — ________ is Sandy’s sister.

A. That B. It C. She D. This

2. ________ will spend the summer holiday in Hawaii.

A. She, you and I B. You, she and I

C. I, you and she D. Her, me and you

3. Between you and ________, he is not a real friend.

A. me B. I C. he D. his

4. My uncle bought a new bike for ________.

A. theirs B. they C. me D. I

5. Mr Smith often praises(表扬) _____ in class.

A. he B. him C. I D. me

6. Here’s a postcard for you, Jim! — Oh, ________ is from my friend, Mary.

A. he B. it C. she D. it’s

7. Don’t shake(摇) the young tree. ___ leaves are falling off(掉落). You should look after __.

A. It, it’s B. It’s, it C. Its, it D. It, it


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