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四年级英语下册 Lesson U You Look so Happy教案 新路径(一起)

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Lesson U You Look SO Happy

Step one :Warm up

Greetings .

Game: Stand up ! Sit down .

Step two :Lead in

T: Are you happy ?

Ss:Y es,I’m..

T:Yes .You look so happy !

Step three: New lesson :

T:Are they happy ?

Ss : Y es .

T: Why ?

Ss:Today is Children’s Day !

T:Yes , Do you know when is the Children’s Day ?

Ss ;6 月

T :It’s in June .

Then teach the word June and stick it on the blackboard.

As the same way teach the new words .

Step four :Practice.

Read these words in high voice and low voice .

Game :What’s missing?

Stick these words.

English song .The tune to “Happy New Year.

Step five :Production:

1.T:My birthday is in March .Today is my birthday .Whose birthday is in March ,too ?Stand up ,please.

S:Stand up !

T:When is your birthday ?

S1:My birthday is in March .

S2: My birthday is in March , too.

2.Open the books and read after the tape .

3.Listen and circle .

Blackboard writing:

Lesson U You Look so Happy


My birthday is in ____

When is your birthday ?

January February March April M ay June 课后反思:


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