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小学英语Unit3 Lesson1 When is your birthday教案

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Unit 3

Lesson1 When is your birthday?

Step1 Warm-up

T: Hello, everyone!

S: Hello, teacher!

T: Nice to meet you!

S: Nice to meet you, too.

Step2 Presentation

T: Now please look at the pictures. The girl is He Wenwen, they are her friends. What’s this?

S: A cake or 蛋糕

( 出示生日聚会的图片)。

T:What are they doing? You can speak Chinese.


T:Yes, they are having a birthday party. (板书: party )

T: Now use your head and guess its meaning.

S: 聚会。

T: When we eat cakes at the birthday party, we paint the cake on our mouse nose face here and there. Look! How happy they are!

T: A boy is happy, too. Why? Let’s have a look. Open your books and turn to Page28, look at the first picture. He is happy. Yes?

S: Yes.

T: What are they doing?

S: 过生日或生日聚会。

T: Try to speak English.(引导学生说:They are having a birthday party.) T: Look, our friends are here, too. They are talking about sth. Do you want to know what they are talking about?

S: Yes.

T: OK! Let’s listen to the tapes. Try to circle six new words. (圈party示范,并标出序号1、2、3、4、5、6)

T: Tell me the new words.

S: party when March May April October

T: What are they talking about?

S: Birthday. Or 生日。

T: Whose birthday?

S: Li Ming’s birthday, Peter’s and Wang Hong’s birthday.

T: Let’s listen again and answer the questions.(板书:When is Li Ming’s birthday, Peter’s and Wang Hong’s birthday.)

T: Please listen carefully. (在第二幅图暂停,解决一、二个问题,并用图片引出新单词March May)

T: Now please answer me: When is Li Ming’s birthday?

S: It’s in March.

T: When is Peter’s birthday?

S:It’s in May.

T: 用汉语解释上两个句子,引出单词when的意思。

T:Now please read after me “ When is your birthday?” It’s in March. Or My birthday is in March.”(引领学生熟悉本课句型,并板书 It’s in …/ My birthday is in …)

T: OK. When is Wang Hong’s birthday? Let’s go on. (接着播放录音) T: Is Wang Hong’s birthday in April?

S: No.

T: Is it in October?

S: Yes.

T: April is a month. Fool’s Day is in this month. Which month?

S: 四月。(出示愚人节图片,让学生说出四月。 以同样的方式解决十月)。

Step3 Practice

T: Let’s read the new words together. Please read after me.

T: How many months are there in a year?

S: Twelve.

T: Yes. There are four. Let’s read the others. Please read after me. (出示卡片分类读)

T: Now please read the words one by one. Please read quickly. (混在一起读,可找学生拿卡片,老师给予奖励)

T:So much for this.

T: Now we have known Li Ming’s/Peter’s/Wang Hong’s birthday. Now

please tell me one by one

When is your birthday? (随便找一位同学回答) You can speak Chinese. Like this:

It’s in March. Or 二月。( 找几位同学回答,并及时纠正月份读音) T: You two stand up please. You want to know his/her birthday, How to ask?

S1: When is your birthday?(如果不会给予提示,并提示两人互问) S2:My birthday is in …/It’s in …

T: Great! Now let’s talk in pairs just like this. Then ask some pairs to come here to show for us. Understand?

S: Yes.

T: Do it, please. (学生进行两两对话练习句型)

T: Now stop here. Which pair? Hands up, please.

T: Come here, please. (教师及时给予奖励)

Step4 Production

T: His/her birthday is in…, When is his/her birthday? Do you know? (留最后一组同学问,以引出小组活动)

S: No.

T: OK. Let’s make a survey about birthdays in groups. And fill your classmates’ names in March/May/February...,And choose a student to come here to tell us your birthdays. Understand?

S: Yes.

T: Do it please.(期间在教室走动帮组学生解决问题)

T: OK. Now stop here. Which pair?

T: Please listen carefully. When your friends’ birthdays come, you can say: Happy birthday to you! Or Give her/his a birthday gift. Yes?

S: Yes. (找几组汇报)

T: Whose birthday is in September? Come here, please.

T: Let’s sing “Birthday song” for them.(师生一起唱生日歌) T: Let’s say together: Happy birthday!

T: This is a gift for you, a smile face and give you my best wishes. Go back to your seat, please.

Step 5 Summary

Ask all the students to read the sentences together.

Step5 After-school activities

Look at today’s homework: Activity1 and 2

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