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四年级英语下册 Lesson Y I Want Ten Cakes教案 新路径(一起)

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Lesson Y. I want ten cakes.

Teaching aims:

Structure: -I want a balloon.

-I want an apple.

-I want some/many apples.

-I want some chicken.

New words: tell a joke, mom, pencil-sharpener, candle, map.

Teaching difficulties:

Spell and pronounce the words correctly.

Use the structure”I want…”and”I want to…”to express wish and need. Teaching aids:Tape, recorder and cards.

Teaching methods: Speaking and listening. TPR.

Teaching steps:

Warm up:


Revision: Revise the month words again, then free talk in pairs like this. –When is your birthday? -It’s in____.

Next, sing the birthday song.

Lead up:

T: On my birthday party, I have a music box. I like it. Look. Do you like it? Ss: Yes, I do.

T: Do you want it on your birthday party?

S1: Yes, I do.

T: Here you are.



Learn: I want…

T:Now please turn to page28 and look at the pictures.What do you want on your birthday party?

S1:I want an orange.What do you want,S2?

S2:I want a bag. What do you want,S3?

S3:I want some flowers./grapes/tomatoes…

S4:I want some chicken,/meat/juice… …etc.

Teach new words, show a picture and describe it.


T:Now class, look at the picture. What can you see in the picture? Ss: candle, pencil-sharpener, map, mom, tell a joke.

b.Practise the words with TPR. Pay attention to the pronounciation of the words. Let’s talk:

Listen and report.

Act out.


Listen, circle and say.

Ask about your partner.

-What do you want? -I want a/an/some…

-What do you want to do? -I want to tell a joke./...

Workbook. Do in class.

Consolidation: words and structure.”I want..”

Homework. Listen and read.

Blackboard design:

Lesson Y I want ten cakes.

-What do you want? -I want a/an/some…

-What do you want to do? -I want to…



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