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四年级英语下册 Lesson S Welcome to the Dog Show教案 新路径(一起)

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Lesson S Welcome to the Dog Show

Teaching objectives:

1. Words plus minus ask answer

2. Sentences: Can you?? Yes, I can.?plus ?is?. ?minus?is?.

3. Count the numbers.

Teaching importance and difficulties:

S s can use“? plus ?is?. ?minus?is?.”to do the sums and subtraction. Teaching procedures: cards, tape , recorder, pictures

Teaching methods: TPR, listen &say, look &say.

Teaching steps:

1 Warm up: Greetings

Sing the song: Fishes , fishes ,where are you?

2 Lead in

(Show the picture) Boys & girls. Do you like dogs? Let’s look at the picture and count , how many dogs are there?

Ss There are ?

(Another picture):How many dog are there?

3. New lesson:

a. What’s ? plus ??

Then teach “minus”“ask”“answer”

b. Dogs are very clever. They can do sums, can you believe? Let’s listen to the tape.

(Ss listen to the tape and read after it 2-3 times.)

c. Act it out

4. Practice

a. Do some sums.

b. Do some subtraction

c. Let’s play: P11.

d. Do some exercises: P48-49 ( Do in class)

5. Homework: 1Read and recite the text. 2. Act the text in groups. 3. Dictate the words.



Lesson S Welcome to the Dog Show

What’s ?plus ?? What’s?minus?? 6+8=? 12-7=?



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