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四年级英语下册 Lesson X Let's Make a Party Hat教案 新路径(一起)

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Lesson X Let’s make a party hat .

Teaching aims :

Structure : Draw a circle . colour the circlr .

Cut it out . Cut on the line

Fold it like this . Glue it .

New words : circle, cut , line , fold , glue .

Teaching difficulties :

Spell and pronounce the words correctly .

Use the verb , learn to express correctly and make “party hat” .

Teaching aids : Tape ,recorder and cards .

Teaching methods : Speaking ,listening ,TPR .

Teaching steps :

One: Warm up .

Greetings .

Sing the song: When is your Birthday?

Revision : a. check homework . b. Brain storm: revise the month words ( 1---12). T :When is your birthday ? Ss :It’s in____.

(January . February . March...October)

Two: Presentation:

1Teach new words ,show pictures to learn them .

1). circle.T: Look. What’s this? Ss: It’s a circle .

T: Yes, read after me. “circle-circle-circle”. “Draw a circle.” “Colour the circle .” (Then draw a circle on the Bb and colour it.)

2)。Teach the other words: line. cut .fold .glue . with gesture.

3) Chant: Practise the new words in pairs.

Circle, circle, circle. Draw a circle.

Circle, circle, circle. Colour the circle.

Cut, cut .cut . Cut it out .

Line .line. line. Cut on the line.

Fold. fold. fold. Fold it like this.

Glue. glue. glue. Glue it .

2.Let’s talk:

.1).Listen and report. Then make a party hat.

2).Act out.


Three. Practise:

Look, listen and write.

.Listen, read and write.

Let’s play.

Four. Sum up: words and structure. Five. Workbook. Do in class.

Six.Homework:Listen and read.

Blackboard design:

Lesson X . Let’s make a party hat.

-Draw a circle. –Colour the circle. -Cut it out.. –Cut on the line -Fold it like this. –Glue it. 课后反思:


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