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一 英汉互译。(每小题分,共10分)

1 每个星期 ______________ 2 at once _______________

3 重感冒_________________ 4 talk about _______________

5 在夜间__________________ 6 of course _______________

7 讲日语__________________ 8 follow the orders __________________ 9 八点半 ________________ 10 on duty _________________

二 选择题。(每小题1分,共20分)

( ) 1. David likes ___________ photos and ___________ flowers.

A. taking, grows B. taking, growing C. takes, grows

( ) 2. The boy ___________ the Internet every day.

A. is surfing B. surf C. surfs

( ) 4. I often play football ___________ the weekends.

A. in B. on C. at

( ) 5. Miss Li teaches ___________ PE this term.

A. us B. we C. our

( ) 7. —Do you have ___________ hobbies?

—Yes, I do.

A. some B. any C. a

( ) 11. David goes to school ___________ Monday ___________ Friday by bus.

A. on; and B. from; to C. for; to

( ) 13. Helen is a ___________ girl. She can dance ___________.

A. beautiful, beautiful B. beautiful, beautifully

C. beautifully, beautiful

( ) 14. There ___________ some milk and two eggs on the table.

A. have B. are C. is

( ) 15. Su Yang would like ___________with Su Hai.

A. to go shopping B. goes shopping C. going shopping

( )2. Take some ___________ and have lots of ____________, Nancy.

A. medicine, rest B. medicine, rests C. medicines, rest

( )5. __________ he and his classmates __________ lunch at school?

A. Does, has B. Do, have C. Does, have

( )1. —Can you speak _______? —Yes, I can.

A. England B. English C. British

( )3. I like fishing. I want _______ this weekend.

三、情景匹配:(每小题1分,共8分) Ⅰ Ⅱ

( )1.How many PE lessons do you have in a week? A.I often go shopping. ( )2. Do you have any hobbies? B It’s Wednesday.

( ) 1. Hello, may I speak to Helen? A. She usually draws pictures. ( ) 3. What day is it today? C. Yes,I do.

( ) 5. What does Nancy usually do on Sundays? E. Sorry, wrong number. ( )3. How do you feel now? ( )8. Does Mike swim fast?


1. Su Yang _________ (go,goes) to school from Monday to Friday. 2. Where are you from? I’m from ____________ (American,the USA). 3. —Let's go and ___________(play , playing) table tennis. —Good idea. 4. —Are you from different ___________(country , countries)? —Yes. 5. Peter is ___________(on , in) duty today.

6. Touch your shoulders ___________(on , with) your hands. 7. —Show ___________(we ,us) how to make a model plane. —OK.

C. No, he doesn't.

G. I feel ill. H. Five.

( )7. How do you spend your weekends?

A. go fishing A. past

B. to go fish B. to

C. to go fishing

( )4. —What time is it? —It's half ______ six.

C. at

C. does…she C. are doing C. really C. busy C. on…on

C. learn…from

( )5. How ______ Lily spend ______ weekends?

A. do…her A. doing A. ready A. bad

B. does…her B. is doing B. read

( )6. Look, the children ______ exercise. ( )7. —Are you ______ for class? —Yes, we are.

( )8. My mother is very ______, she has no time for rest.

B. better B. on…in

( )9. Nancy has four lessons ______ Wednesday morning and two _____ the afternoon.

A. in…on

( )10. We can ______ a lot _____ the Internet.

A. learn…to

B. learns…from

8. This is ___________(the first ,first) lesson of the new term.

9. Look! The boy_______(catching,is catching) crickets under the tree.

10. I can see two _______(china,Chinese) students in the playground.

11. How______(do,does) your father spend_______ (he,his) weekends?

七、翻译句子,每空一词 (15分)

4. 她经常看动画片,在公园里捉昆虫。

She often _______ ______ and _______ _______in the park.

6. 学生们正努力服从老师的指令。

The students are _________ __________follow the _______.

7. 你喜欢上网吗? 不, 我不喜欢。

Do you _____ _______ the Internet? No, I ______.

8. 她正在给她的好朋友写一个邮件。

She’s _____ an ______ to her_______ _______.

9. 我们都喜欢英语, 我们有共同的爱好。

We all______English. We have the ______ ______.

1. 你怎样度过周末?

How ________you ______ your ______?

2 准备吃早饭了吗?

Are you _____ for breakfast?

3 我喜欢收集邮票。

I like ________ _________ .

4. 把手放在头上左右转动。

_________ your hands _______your head and _____ left and ______.

5 他向我学习中文。

He _____ Chinese ________me.

6 我要带些面包。

I can _____ some bread with me.

六、 阅读理解。(每小题1分,共10分)

Helen usually gets up very early in the morning. She often goes to school at about half past seven. She has her first lesson at eight o five. She doesn’t go home at noon. She has lunch at a quarter to eleven at school. After lunch, she has a rest for half an hour. Then she plays games with her classmates. Classes are over at half past four. Helen goes home with her friends at about five. At six thirty, she has supper with her parents. She goes to bed at half past nine. That’s Helen’s day.

( ) 1. Helen usually gets up late in the morning.

( ) 2. The first lesson begins at about half past seven.

( ) 3. Helen doesn’t have lunch at home.

( ) 4. Helen goes home with her classmates at about four.

( ) 5. Helen goes to bed at nine thirty.

Today is the first day of the week. Tomorrow is Monday. Liu Tao and his friends are at the Sports Club. They're talking about their weekends. Liu Tao is from Beijing. He speaks Chinese and English. He often plays football at the weekends. Sometimes he goes shopping with his parents. David is from the USA. But he lives in China with his parents now. He speaks English and French. He often looks for something on the Internet at the weekends. Sometimes he helps his mother do some cleaning and washing at home. Keven is British. But now, he studies at Liu Tao's class. He speaks English, Chinese and Japanese. He often watches cartoons at the weekends. Sometimes he goes climbing or plays football. He likes sport. They all like catching insects in the park.

( )1. What day is it today? It's __________.

A. Sunday B. Monday C. Saturday

( )2. What does Liu Tao sometimes do at the weekends? He sometimes ___________.

A. goes shopping for his parents B. buys things with his parents

C. plays football

( )3. David is from ____________.

A. the UK B. America C. England

( )4. David often ____________ at the weekends.

A. looks for things B. helps his mother at home C. surfs the Internet

( )5. What does David sometimes do at the weekends? He sometimes ___________.

A. help his mother with the housework

B. help his mother look for something on the Internet

C. watches cartoons

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