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Let’s learn

a Christmas tree/present/party ________

Father Christmas

What do people usually do at Christmas? They usually … A: Did you (动词原形)… last Christmas? B: Yes, I did./ No, I didn’t.
1 watch a film 3 get lots of presents 2

go to a party

4 buy a Christmas tree

What holiday comes after Christmas?

New Year’s Day

and Spring Festival

When’s New Year’s Day? It’s in January What do people usually do on New Year’s Day ? They usually …

have a big lunch

go to parties

When’s Spring Festival? It’s in January or February.

What do people usually do at Spring Festival ? They usually …

eat lots of delicious food visit relatives and friends

When is National Day ? It’s in October . What do people usually do on National Day ? They usually watch TV at home.

When is Mid-Autumn Festival ? It’s in September or October.
They usually ……

2010年 9月14日 中秋节 农历 八月十五

2009年 10月3日 中秋节 农历 八月十五

What do people usually do at Mid-Autumn Festival ?

eat moon cakes
watch the moon

When’s Halloween? It’s in October. What do people usually do at Halloween? They usually … make pumpkin lanterns

dress up in costumes

It’s in May or June。 People usually eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races .

What holiday is it? Dragon Boat Festival

May Day

Children’s Day

It’s in March or April。 People usually make Easter eggs.

What holiday is it?


like best 最喜欢

What’s your favourite holiday? My favourite holiday is……

A: What’s your favourite holiday? B: My favourite holiday is…… A: When is ……? B: It’s in…… A: What do people usually do on/at…… B: They usually…… A: Did you …… last ……? B: Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.

Read and write


Dear Friend: My favourite holiday is Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s in September or October.

People usually watch the moon and eat moon cakes. I watched the moon and ate moon cakes last Mid-Autumn Festival. How about you?

My favourite holiday My favourite holiday is___________________. Spring Festival

It’s in ______________________. January or February.

eat lots of delicious People usually ___________ Spring Festival on/at_______.
ate lots of delicious I ______________
Spring Festival last ___________.



Let’s exercises
一、英汉互译。 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空 。 三、按要求改写句子,每空一词。

1. come after 2. 在春节 3. eat rice dumplings 4. 赏月 5. the names of the holidays 6. 四月九号 7. lots of delicious food 8. 新年 9. your favourite holiday 10. 在劳动节

二、用所给单词的适当形式填空 。
1.The children are watching the cartoons. They are very (excite). 2. Tom (have) a big lunch with his family last Spring Festival. 3. Mike and his sister (be) in Japan last years. 4. (do) you (go) to parties y

esterday? 5. Children’s Day is (come). 6. Nancy usually (draw) pictures at home. 7. There (be) two (roll) of (film) on the desk just now. 8. They go out to parks and (beach). 9. It’s on the (five) of October.

1. Mr. Green cooked a lot of food on Wednesday.(一般) ______ Mr. Green _____ a lot of food on Wednesday? 2. watch, last, Festival, did, the, Mid-Autumn, moon, you you the moon last Festival? 3. Christmas is on the 25th of December. Christmas? 4. My favourite subject is English. is favourite subject? 5. Mr Green is talking to his students about holidays. (一 般) Mr Green to his students about holidays ? 6. It’s the second of June today. What is it today?

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