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五Unit3What is your favourite food

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Unit 3
What is your Favourite Food?


Let us talk
Mike :I am hungry.
Sarah: What do you have for lunch today? Mike: I have eggplant and tomatoes . What about you? Sarah: I have onions and green beans .

1. What do you have for lunch?

I have…

2 What’s would your like for lunch?

I would like…

区 1、问吃的是什么? 别: 2、问想吃的是什么?

What do you have for lunch?
I have……

Mom: That Amy: Mom:

and write

Mom: What do you have for lunch on

Mondays? Amy: We have tomatoes, tofu and fish. Here is our school menu.
sounds dinner ,Amy? good .What would you like for

I Would like potatoes and green beans .I am hungry, Mom. Oh! Mew Mew is hungry ,too!

Finish the sentences
fish tofu Tomatoes (1)Amy has ___ __ ____ , _____and _______for lunch on Mondays. green beans (2)Amy is hungry. She would like ______________and ___________ potatoes for dinner.

连词成句 1、do、 what、 you 、 lunch、 have、 for ?

What do you have for lunch?
2、eggplant、 tofu、 fish 、 and have、 I. I have egggplant 、tofu and fish.

1、做本单元 A let us talk 部分的配套练习。

2、将Read and write 部分的内容读给家长听。

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