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( The first period )



National Day
National Day holiday

last week

this week


yesterday today

National Day

What did I do on National Day?
What did you do on National Day?
I played and played in Hongmei Park. played went I went there happily.
(go的过去式) (play的过去式)

What else did you do on National Day?
I watched TV. And I had lunch with my family.

watched had
(watch的过去式) (have的过去式)

Where were they on National Day? They were on the farm. What did they do on National Day? They visited the farm

Unit 5 On the farm

after the holiday

在假期以后 假期以后上学的第一天

the first day of school after the holiday go to school early 早早地到学校去 before class 在课前

Read and judge(读并判断)
last week 1. It was the National Day holiday today. is

(× )

2. Today is the first day of school after the holiday. ( √ )
Helen 3. Nancy goes to school early.

( ×)

4. Helen and Nancy meet in the school playground. ( ) √ 5. They meet before class. (×) after class

What did Nacy/Helen do last week?
Learning tip ①(学习方法小提示):
当我们听较长的对话或短文时,可以尝试速记, 如记录关键信息的单词首字母。 Take notes(速记):
What did Nacy/Helen do last week?

Watch a film w

What did Nacy/Helen do last week?
1.Read the text by yourselves. Pay attention to the questions. 独立朗读课文对话,注意问句。 2. Underline the main questions in the text. You may discuss with each other. 在课文的主要问题下划线,可以相互讨论。

Who Nancy



on Wednesday
on Monday and Tuesday

watched a film visited a farm


On Monday On Tuesday watered trees watered flowers milked cows pulled up carrots collected eggs cooked food picked oranges tasted pears tasted oranges

√ √ √ √ √ √

What did Nacy/Helen do last week?
3.Read the text in different roles. Find the answers. 小组内分角色朗读对话,寻找答句。 (圈出新单词和短语)

Learning tip ②(学习方法小提示):
当我们在阅读时,如果遇到不认识的新单词或 短语,可以尝试根据上下文和语境推测词义。

New Words

water trees pull up carrots

milk cows

collect eggs

pick oranges taste oranges


New Words

water trees
pull up carrots
On Monday, we watered trees and pulled upcarrots.

New Words

milk cows

collect eggs

We milked cows.We collected eggs.

New Words

pick oranges taste oranges
We picked a lot of oranges and tasted them.

New Words

That was fun.

It is an interesting thing. And we have a good time there.

On the farm
? ? ? ? ? ? ? What,what, what did you do? Visited,visited, visited a farm Milked, milked, milked cows What,what, what else did you do? Collected, collected, collected eggs Pulled, Pulled, Pulled up carrots Oh, oh, they were fun!




picked mi


pulled played

collected needed tasted

*** 动词过去式一般的加ed。 以不发音的e结尾直接加d。 特殊变化需牢记。

How do they talk about ‘last week’?
4. Let’s talk about ‘ast week’ together. (让我们一起谈一谈课文中人物的活动吧!)

Read and complete(读并完成句子) Last week
Last week was the National Day holiday. Nancy( watched a film ) with her family. It was a( funny )cartoon, they all ( liked ) it very much. On Monday and Tuesday I ( visited a farm ) with my family . On Monday, we ( watered trees )and( pulled up carrots ).On Tuesday, we ( milked cows ) and ( collected eggs ). There were many( fruit ) trees on the farm .They were apple trees,( orange trees ) and pear trees. We ( picked a lot of oranges ) and tasted them.

Try to talk about ‘last week ’according to the text!

Learning tip ③(学习方法小提示):
当我们根据课文内容交流或表达时,可以整理出 文中的关键词语作为提示。
Try to talk about ‘last week ’in groups. 小组内根据关键词提示交流或复述课文中 不同人物的相关内容。

last week

on Wednesday watch a film Helen visite a farm on Monday water trees pull up carrots on Tuesday milk cows collect eggs pick oranges taste oranges

Read and judge(读并判断)
Tom: Hi, Ben and Yang Ling. Ben and Yang Ling: Hi, Tom. Tom: Ben , it was the National Day holiday last week. What did you do ? Ben: I visited a farm with my parents. We milked cows and picked oranges. We had lots of fun. How about you, Yang Ling? Yang Ling: I visited my grandparents with my parents on Mid-Autumn Festival. We had moon cakes and watched the moon. It was beautiful. And you, Tom? Tom: On Monday, it was my cousin’s birthday. We played computer games with her

friends. On Wednesday, I was at home. I cooked dinner and watered flower for my
parents. It was fun! Yang Ling: We all really had a good time on National Day holiday.

Read and choose(读并选择)
( c ) 1. It was last week.

A. weekend

B. Sports Day

C. the National Day holiday C. A and B

( C)2. On National Day Ben

A. Milked cows B. picked oranges
( B )3. Yang Ling

On National Day .

A. Milked cows

B. visited her grandparents

C. picked oranges

( A ) 4. On Wednesday Tom

A. cooked dinner B. played computer games C. watched the moon
( B )5. They all .

A. watered flowers B. had a good time C. had moon cakes

1. 听录音,朗读课文,注意语音语调的模仿。 2. 根据课文内容,完成39页题目,并尝试根据提示复述课文。 3.Try to write about your ‘last week’. 4.Read some English stories on the Internet and take some notes.

Learning tip ④(学习方法小提示):
我们可以采用不同的方法获取相关信息: ① 上网查找 wjlyfangcao@sina.com ② 阅读相关书刊 ③ 询问他人



drink some juice, eat a hamburger, have breakfast, a fish, taste an apple


clean the classroom, look the blackboard, draw a picture, read a book, write in the copy

play football, play basketball

water flowers, pull up carrots, milk cows, collect eggs

watch TV, visit friends, play the guitar, fly kites, play with a yo-yo

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