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M2U1 My friends

Quick response
1. Good morning. 2. What's your name? 3. How old are you? 4. How are you? 5. Who are you? 6. Are you eight? Good morning. My name's... I'm ten. I'm fine,thank you. I'm... Yes, I am./ No, I'm not.

Fill in the blanks
bad good(反义词)_________ sad(反义词)__________ happy fat(反义词)__________ thin tall(反义词)__________ short girl(反义词)__________ boy sit(反义词)__________ stand new/young old(反义词)__________ close open(反义词)_________

No,she isn't. She's Piglet.

Look at the photo.She's my friend. She's short. She's thin.

Is she Rabbit?

Yes, he is.

Look at the photo.He's my friend. He's tall. He's thin.He can jump very high.

Is he Tigger?

He's tall. He's thin.
He's... She's...

She's short. He's fat.

She's thin.

that girl talltall your that boy ten years old Is ______ ___________? (一般疑问句) thin he she friend she she he he Yes,_____ is. No,_____ isn't.
he, ten years old she, thin that boy, tall that girl, your friend

tall/ short
fat/thin ride/ swim/ draw/...

Yes,he is./No, he isn't. 1. Is he fat? 2. Is the girl tall? Yes,she is./No, she isn't. 3. Can he play football? Yes,he can./No, he can't. 4. Are you eight? Yes,I am./No, I'm not.

Be well with friends

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