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Let Us Share My Experiences of English Teaching(1)

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Let Us Share My Experiences of English Teaching YangJie Primary School YaoJing ( 阿子营羊街小学 姚婧)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Today I’m extremely honored for gain this opportunity to share my experiences of English teaching with so many distinguished teachers.

When I first entered YangJie Primary School as a new English teacher, I was very homesick and I’m afraid that I was not able to do well in my teaching. It’s 2008, I was appointed to teach English from Grade three to six. Faced so many classes and so many students, I was a little bit dizzy. A week later, I tried to learn their names by heart, I’ve got, and I’m so excited. I was pleased with my current situation, for there aren’t any problems in my classes. Two weeks later, everything goes well. One day, my classmate who is an English teacher as well called me with sweeping voice. She told me the students were so stupid, a simple question which she taught over and over again, but they were still got nothing. Tone from her voice, she is indeed very sad. At first I was laughing at her. A few days later, the same problem found me. It’s a Thursday afternoon, that day I have two classes in Grade three. The topic is “Look at Me!” When I showed them the sentence “Look at me, this is my arm.” I did model first and I repeated it again and again, but they said “Look at me, this is my marm.” Then I said “arm”, they said “marm”. With looking at my watch,

it’s going to finish the class; we still stay on this “such difficult problem”. Suddenly I started to cry, complained them “Why are you so foolish? How many times did I tell you about this sentence? I am disappointed with you!” I cried even more sadly. Then a girl named Chen Huimin stood up and came to me, with the sob voice, she said, “Miss Yao, we will not make you unhappy any longer, please forgive us, we will learn by heart from now on.” And then, the whole classroom began to cry at once. Looking at the lovely faces, however, I was moved. At that moment I hate myself, if I can control myself, all of my clever students won’t be not in the mood. After class, they made many cards for me, each card was written the same meaning that they say sorry to me. In fact I was the person who has to say sorry to the students.

The next day, our principle has known about this thing, he said to me happily,“I am happy to hear that! You are a good teacher, you can consider about your students and teaching, that’s fine. For teachers, our teaching career is too long, so we should be patient for the students, relax our mind, all of the problems will be solved.”From that thing, I learned a lot and changed a lot. I also know there are not stupid students, if I want to be an excellent teacher, I should have patience, confidence, imagination, enthusiasm, humor and creativity. After that, I respect my students, care for them, and become good friend. I spend a lot of time knowing the individual differences among students in the learning

process. I always give them appropriate encouragement to reinforce their initiatives. As we know,interest is the best teacher. New Curriculum Standards demands that we should stimulate students’ interest of learning English. It should take the leading position. If we want to teach English well, we should pay attention to students’ learning interest. I always take some measures to stimulate their interest. First, I try to establish harmonious, friendly relationship with students. Second, to innovate on teaching style and create enjoyable learning surroundings, I pay more attention to teaching methods. I give everyone a chance to speak,students should be given enough time to communicate with each other in authentic situations. I realize this, so I try to make my English classes activity-oriented and student-centered. Students can speak English as often as possible in my class. I encourage them to act out dialogues and retell the passages to develop their language skills. I focus my attention on how to encourage students speak English fluently and more often. I think English learning is mainly a matter of practicing, but not a matter of teaching.

I have come to realize to be a good teacher is not easy. But I believe if I keep on trying, I will be.

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