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六年级上册英语module 7

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Modulel 7同步训练题

班级 知识集锦 ? 一般现在时

1.表示事物或人物的特征、状态。如:The sky is blue.天空是蓝色的。 2.表示经常性或习惯性的动作。如:I get up at six every day.我每天六点起床。

3.表示客观现实。如:The earth goes around the sun.地球绕着太阳转。 ? 一般现在时主语单三人称时的动词变化??

1.在一般现在时中,当主语为第三人称单数时,动词要用“s”型(即第三称单数形式)。??什么是第三人称单数?即:1.人称代词he, she, it是第三人称单数;2.单个人名、地名或称呼作主语是第三人称单数;3.单数可数名词或"this / that / the+单数可数名词"作主语时是第三人称单数;4.不定代词someone, somebody, nobody, everything, something等及指示代词this, that作主语时,是第三人称单数;5.不可数名词作主语时为第三人称单数;6.当数字或字母作主语时,看作第三人称单数。


i)在动词尾直接加 s。如:play—plays,want—wants,work—know—knows, help—helps,get—gets

ii)以字母s、x、ch或o结尾的动词加-es。如: guess—guesses, fix—fixes, teach—teaches, brush—brushes, go—goes,do—does,watch—watches,catch—catches

iii)以辅音字母+y结尾的动词,先变y为i,再加-es。如: study—studies,carry—carries,fly—flies,worry—worries ?? ? 现在时,真逞能, 三单动词“s”型。 ? “s”型怎么变, 名词复数记心间。 ? 否定句“doesn’t”请, 疑问句“does”唤,

? “doesn’t”位于动词前, “does”放在句首来当先。 ? “doesn’t”,“does”一出现, S型马上就靠边。

? 否定句和疑问句, 动词要用原形见。

一、 写出下列动词的第三人称单数

make ________look _________ have_______ pass_______ carry come________ watch______ think_______ fly ________copy_________ eat_______ study_______ brush________ do_________ teach_______ 二、翻译或补全句子。


2.多有趣的一张只读光盘啊!3.Pandas eat ______ twelve hours a day.

Lucky pandas ! They _________ ___________. 4.Do snakes like music ?

Snakes can’t ________.The __________thinks the flute is another snake. So it _________ the other snake. 三、选词填空 1.Bears _______ in winter , but wolves don’t.

2.Rabbits like to ________ carrots.And pandas _________ bamboo. 3.Xiaoming uaually _________ at seven o’clock in the morning. 4.Snakes can’t __________ and they haven’t got legs. 5.---Believe it or not.Pandas eat meat.

---I don’t _________ it. ---But it’s true. 6._________ the photo.It’s a photo of my family.

7.I _________ the CD-ROM.It is a fantastic present from my grandma. 8.I __________ I am lucky.I got the first prize in the competition. 四、单项选择。

( ) 1. _____ you have a book? A. Do B. Are C. Is D. Have


( )2. They _________ on a farm.

A. working B. is work C. work D. is worked ( ) 3. Does Peter like to watch TV?__________.

A. Yes, he like B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, he’d like D. No, he likes ( )4. She doesn’t __________ her homework in the afternoon.

A. doing B. to do C. does D. do

( )5. How ______ Mr. Brown _________ to America?

A. do,go B. is,go C. does,go D. does,goes ( )6. Where’s my camera? I_______ it.

A. am not finding B. am not seeing C. can’t find D. can’t look at ( )7. How___ he go to work?

He ____ to work by bike.

A. does ;go B. do;goes C. do ;go D. does;goes ( )8. ___ you usually late for school?

No, ___.

A. Do ; I am B. Does ;not C. Are ; I’m not D. Are ; I aren’t ( )9. _____ she _____ home at six every day?

A. Is , leave B. Does , leave C. Is , leaves D. Does , left ( )10. Mr. Yang ______ English this term.

A. teaches our B. teaches us C. teachs us D. teach our


1. Daniel watches TV every evening.(改为否定句)

___________________________________________________ 2. I do my homework every day.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答) ________________________________________________________ ____________________________

3. She likes milk.(改为一般疑问句,作肯定回答)

_______________________________________________________ ____________________________

4. Amy likes playing computer games.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答) ________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ 5. We go to school every morning.(改为否定句)

_______________________________________________________ 6. He speaks English very well.(改为否定句)

___________________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)

________________________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)

___________________________________________________ 9. She is always a good student.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答) ________________________________________________________ ________________________________

10. Simon and Daniel like going skating.(改为否定句)



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