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PEP 7 Unit 4

I have a pen pal
A Let’s read

I like… ./ She likes…

I like… ./ He likes…

I like… ./ She likes…

I like… ./ He likes…

She is an American girl. She is a university student now. She is tall and pretty. She likes swimming, travelling and playing baseball.

pen pal

pen friend

Australia must be fun! 澳大利亚一定很有趣!

To: Liu Yun@penpal.com From : Alice@penpal.com Dear Liu Yun, I am happy to have a new pen pal .I live in Australia. I like swimming, diving, and riding my bike. My twin sister Ann likes drawing pictures and making kites. I like sports, but she likes art. We look the same, but we don’t like the same things. Tell me something about you: what’s your hobby? Your new pen pal, Alice.

This is Alice

This is Alice’s twin sister Ann.

twin sisters

twin brothers

They look the same

Listen and finish the task. Alice A riding a bike D swimming F diving B sports A riding a bike B sports C art D swimming Ann

G drawing pictures E making kites C art
E making kites F diving G drawing pictures

They don’t like the same things.

Answer the questions:

Q1: What's Liu Yun's hobby?
Q2: What's Liu Yun's mother's hobby? Q3: What does LiuYun's father do? Q4: What's her father's hobby?

Dear Alice, Australia must be fun! I live in China with my mom and dad. I don’t have a sister or brother. My mom is a singer. She likes swimming. My dad is a TV reporter. He likes listening to music. I like playing the violin and writing emails. Your new friend, LiuYun.

Read and tick or cross.
1.There are three people in LiuYun’s family. ( 2.LiuYun’s mother likes listening to music. (




3.LiuYun’s father is a TV reporter, and he likes swimming. 4.LiuYun likes writing emails.



Hello! My name is Tom. I’d like to have a Chinese pen pal . Please write to me and we can be friends.

To: Tom@penpal.com From : @penpal.com Dear Tom, I am happy to have a new pen pal. My name is . I live in China. I’m years old. My family has numbers. My mother is a/an . She likes . My father is a/an . He likes .I like . Your new friend, .

Thank you! Goodbye!

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