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Magic eyes (快闪游戏)

Watching TV Playing the violin
swimming singing Listening to music Playing football

Playing chess

Swimming,swimming,I like swimming.
Drawing, drawing, I like drawing .

Reading, reading ,I like reading .
Cooking, cooking, I like cooking.

Playing, playing, I like playing .
Jumping, jumping, I like jumping.

What is his hobby?

ride riding a bike
He likes riding a bike

What is her hobby?

dive diving
She likes diving


playing the violin

collecting stamps

make making kites

riding a bike

playing the violin

collecting stamps


making kites

Ride, riding, riding a bike. Make, making , making kites. Play, playing ,playing the violin. Collect ,collecting, collecting stamps. Dive, diving, I like diving.

Bill is an American boy. He usually goes to school by bike. Because he likes ______ a bike. Today is his favorite day. There is a science class, a music class and a P.E. class. He can make things in the science class. Especially, he likes_____ ______. In the music class he likes _____ _____ _____, and he likes _______in P.E. class. He has many kinds of beautiful stamps. Because he likes _____ ______ after school.

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