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1. 我们用南瓜来做灯笼。 We make many lanterns with pumpkins.

2.我喜欢吃南瓜。 I like to eat pumpkins. 3.南瓜是橙色的。 The pumpkin is orange.

1. 我喜欢玩不给糖就捣乱。 We like going trick or treating. 2.“不给糖就捣乱”很有趣。 Going trick or treating is interesting.

1. 化装舞会很有趣。 Costume party is interesting. 2. 我们在化装舞会上带着很可怕的面具。 We wore horrible masks at the costume party. 3.我们举办了一个奇特的化装舞会。 We had a fancy costume party.

1. 我有一个面具。 I have a mask. 2.这个面具很可怕。 This mask is horrible. 3.我们都戴上了可怕的面具。 We wore horrible masks.

1. 我们用南瓜来做灯笼。 We make many lanterns with pumpkins. 2.这个灯笼很漂亮。 This lantern is very beautiful.

1. 万圣节在10月31日。 Halloween is on the 31st of October. 2.万圣节是我最喜欢的节日。 Halloween is my favorite festival.

I like Halloween very much.

Halloween is on the 31st of October. It’s my
favorite festival. Last year in my house in
最喜欢的 节日 去年

New York, we had a fancy costume party.
We made many lanterns with pumpkins. In
做,make的过去式 用

the evening, we wore horrible masks.
例:1. Autumn is my favorite season. Green is my favorite colour.

2. make…with… 用…做… We made ice-creams with milk. We made salad with fruits.

We said “Trick or treat?” to our neighbors.
They gave us candies. One of the neighbors

didn’t give us candies, so we played tricks

on him. We had a very happy Halloween.
1. one of my teachers 我的其中一个老师
2. play tricks on (him/her/me/you/us/them)捉弄某人…

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