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Module1, unit1 .2测试题


tell me about the Great Wall New York

in the east how long how big

千米 加拿大明信片 更多 一千 墨西哥


( ) 1. A. blue B. green C. red D. girl

( ) 2. A. cousin B. doctor C. brother D. sister

( ) 3. A. New York B. Beijing C. Canada D. Landon

( ) 4. A. thousand B. something C. hundred D. million

( ) 5. A. chocolate B. ice cream C. tiger D. rice


( )how ______ is it? B: It’s about 8 thousand kilometers.

A. big B. tall C. long

( ) 2. Fujian is in the_______- of China.

A. west B. east C. north

( ) 3. _______a big map of Canada!

A. There is B. There are C. These

( ) 4. These postcards________ great!

A. is B. are C. am


1. Tell me_______ the Great Wall.

2.These_______ are great !

3. Now you tell me _____about New York.

4. The Great Wall has got about six______- seven hundred .

5. New York is in the east of _______-.

6. I ________an email to my family in China.

7. It________ a picture of the West Lake .

8. Daming is ________America with his cousin ,Simon .

9. The Great Wall of China is very very _______.

10. How__________ big Beijing?


( ) A、Where is Beijing?

( ) B、How big is it?

( ) C、Fourteen million! That’s a lot!

( ) D、It’s got fourteen million people.

( ) E、It’s in the north of China. )


I this people watch child book photo diary day foot dress tooth sheep box strawberry peach paper sandwich man woman knife wife

七、用There is /There are 填空。(注意大小写)

1、A:________ lots of Chinese restaurants there.

B:And _______Chinese dancing.

2、_______ two children in the classroom.

3、 ________-some water in the bottle .

4、 _______a cup of tea on the desk .

5、A: ______a Chinatown in the New York.

B: ________lots of Chinese shops there.

6、A:What happened ? ______lots of people over there. B:I don’t know. Let’s go . _____--no time .Hurry!

7、The bag is blue._______ a panda on it .

8、A:Happy birthday ,Sam! ________many present for you B:Thank you !


1、China, I’m, email, family ,to, my ,in. sending, an

2、kilometres ,hundred ,about, thousand, six ,seven ,It’s

3、tell ,New ,you ,me ,Now ,something ,York, about

4、there, shops, There ,of, Chinese ,and, are ,restaurants ,lots

Module2, unit1 .2测试题


1. have (单三) (现在分词) (过去式)

2. go (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) .

3.dance (单三) (现在分词) (过去式)

4.learn (单三) (现在分词) (过去式)

5. see (单三) (现在分词) (过去式)

6. like (单三) (现在分词) 过去式)


春节 饭馆 长江 说英语 唐人街 明天 中国舞 真的 九点钟 舞蹈 黄山 有时 天安门广场 西湖


( ) 1. Yesterday I ___a big surprise.

A. have B. has C. had

( ) 2. There __a big Chinatown in New York and we____ there yesterday.

A. is, went B. was, went C. are, go

( ) 3. Do you want to go _______Chinatown ?

A. to B. in C. from

( ) 4. We saw Chinese______ in the streets(街道).

A. dance B. danced C. dancing

( ) 5. He really_________ to go to the Great Wall..

A. want B. wants C. wanted

( ) 6. A: where did you__________ last Sunday?

B: I _______ to the park.

A. go, went _B.went, go C. go, go

( ) 7. There were lots of books________ America..

A. to B. about C. around

( ) 8. There are _________Chinese restaurants there .

A. lot of B. lots of C. much

( ) 9. There_______ some books on the bed. There _______a picture on the wall.

A. is B. are C. am

( ) 10. She_____ a friend in China.

A. wanted B. wants C. want

( )11 Please tell me more _____ your city.

A. of B. about C. from

( )12. Do you like collecting________ ?

A. a stamp B. stamps C. stamp

( ) 13. There are ___ shops and restaurants in this street.

A. lot of B. a lot C.lots of

( ) 14.The red doll is _____ you.

A. from B. for C. of

( ) 15. All of these postcards are _____ Canada.

A. from B. for C. of

( ) 16. Have you got ____ kites?

A. a B. any C. some

( ) 17. Flying kites _____ my hobby.

A. am B. are C. is

( ) 18. These are some photos _____ my computer.

A. from B. of C. for

( )19. I’ve got _____picture books from Japan.

A. a B. any C. some

( )20. Now you can have _____ cup of tea.

A. another B. other C. two


( ) 1、Do you miss China?

( ) 2、I’m sending an email to my family in China.

( ) 3、Sometimes.

( ) 4、What are you doing ,Daming?

( ) 5、Chinatown ? But this is America,not China.

( ) 6、Do you want to go to Chinatown?

Module3, unit1 .2测试题


邮票 集邮 给??写信 名人 女人 另一个 那些 这些


A.Spring festival B. Mid --Autumn Festvial

C. Thanksgiving Day D. Christmas

E. Dragon Boat Festvial F. Teacher's Day 业余爱好

G. Flag Day H .Lantern Festvial I. Children’s Day J.Mother’s Day

1.西方节日 ___________________________



( ) 1. Spring Festvial

( ) 2. Mid --Autumn Festvial

( ) 3. Dragon Boat Festvial

( ) 4. Thanksgiving Day

( ) 5. Flag Day

( ) 6. Lantern Festvial

( ) 7. Christmas

A. We see dragon dances.

B. We sing christmas songs .

C. We say thank you for our food.

D. We carry flags and sing songs.

E. We have a big family dinner.

F. We see dragon boat race.

G. Eat mooncakes and see the moon.


1. What are you doing?

I’m _________my new stamps into my books.

A. put B. putting C. collect

2. There are some stamps_______ Canada..

A. from B. in C. to

3. Have you got ________books in your bookshelf(书架)?

A. some B. any C. many

4. I haven’t got ________Chinese books.

A. some B. any C. many

5. I will send you lots of Chinese _________.

A. book B. books

6. Is there a letter_________ me ?

A. for B. to C. with

7. This stamp is ____________my mother’s letter .

A. a t B. from C. on

8. __________stamps are from America..

A. They B. These C. That

9. What are those ?

A. My name is Simon. B.I miss China . C. These are my new book .

10. She _________a computer.

A. has got B. have got C. got


1、England ,are, stamps ,from ,these.

2、stamp, a, Chinese ,got ,I’ve.

3、any, got ,you ,toys, have ?

4、an ,got, book ,have, you ,English ?

Module 4, unit1 and unit2 测试题

一、 写出下列单词。

节日 特殊的 听起来 灯笼 比赛 月饼 国旗日 感恩节 喜欢的 足球赛 看电视 春节 元宵节 端午节 中秋节 教师节


1. can you tell _______more about American festivals?

A. me B. I C. my D. mine

2. The Spring Festival is _______favourite festival.

A. me B. my C. mine

3. We say thank you _______your help.

A. to B. with C. for

4. Do you want to ________the story?

A. hear B. listen C. hears

5. Thanksgiving is very_______ in America.

A. nice B. well C. important

6. It is________ the 25th of December.

A. on B. in C. to

7. We_________ presents and _________cards.

A. send ,give B. give ,send C. gave ,send

8. My favourite festival________Thanksgiving .

A. is B. are C. was


1. have \ a \ special \ big \ We \ dinner\ ,\ .

2. Can \ tell \you \ about \ festivals \ American\ me \ .

3. day \ is \What\ today\ .

4. It’s \ important \ a \ very \ festival \ dinner\ .

5. is \something\ There \ can \ I \ say\ .


( )Do you like Thanksgiving Day ?

( )What 't you favorite festvial ?

( )When is New Year 's Day ?

( )What do you do on Flag Day ?

( )Where are you from?

A. my favorite festvial is the Spring festvial .

B. Yes. I do.

C. We carry flags and sing songs.

D. It's January 1st.

E. I'm from England .


Christmas is a very important western(西方的) festival . It is on the

25th of December. People decorate(装饰) their homes. They send Christmas cards to their relatives(亲戚) and friends , and they buy Christmas trees to decorate their homes . They buy presents and put them under their Christmas tree. Some families open their presents on Christmas Eve(前夜) on Christmas Day. There are lights in the streets and shops. Every one gets together and has a large meal. They have a good time.


( )1. When is Christmas?

A、It is on the 25th of December. B、 It is in the 25th of December.

( )2. What do people put under the Christmas trees?

A、 Christmas cards B、presents C、festival

( )3. What can you see in the street?

A、Christmas Day B、presents C、lights

( )4. What do people send ?

A、letters B、emails C、Christmas card


Spring Festival Lantern Festival Dragon Boat Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival Children’s Day Thanksgiving


( ) 1、 What do you does on Flag Day ?

( ) 2 、Can you tell me more on America Festival ?

( ) 3、 We watch a big football game in TV .

( ) 4 、Thanksgiving is I favourite festival.

( ) 5、 He give presents to the children.

Module5, unit1 .2测试题 一、


live (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) visit (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) want (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) speak (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) tell (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) write (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) get (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) meet (单三) (现在分词) (过去式)


笔友 给?..写信 用英语 说英语 学英语 想要 她的地址 pleased French Australia


1. A: Pleased to meet you ? B:___________

A. Glad to see you , too. B. Pleased to meet you , too.

2. Do you live here or you_______ visiting ?

A. do B. is C. are

3. I’m visiting Daming ________the summer 用英语写pet

. A. in B. on C. to D. for

4. You’re ________America.

A. come from B. from C. come

5. I really want a__________ pen friend.

A. Chinese B. America C. China

6. She can ________some English.

A. spoke B. speak C. speaks

7.Can I write_______ her ?

A. to B. in C. on

8.You can write _______English.

A. in B. by C. on

9.You can be my _________pen friend.

A. China B. American C. America

10.She _______a friend in China.

A. wanted B. wants C. want


Pleased to meet you . 我能给你的朋友写信吗? Happy Children’s Day . 劳拉来自英国。 Can I write to your friends ? 长城有多长?

Laula is from England . 儿童节快乐。

How long is the Great Wall ? 很高兴见到你。


1. I’m from China..(一般疑问句).(否定句)

2. He comes from China..(一般疑问句).(否定句)

3. She can speak some English..(一般疑问句).(否定句)


Go do live come say can meet have fly Tell is carry play dance get are want eat


1、Three monkeys is eating the bananas.

2、Do your brother speak english ?

3、Does he likes going fishing ?

4、He likes play games after class .

5、Mr wu teachs us english .

6、She don’t do her homework om Sunday .


1、England ,two, I ,got ,from ,have, fridnds.

2、in ,my ,This ,China ,address ,is .

3、English speak You good very .

4、Chinese you pen Can my be friend ?

5、I friends Can to write your?


A、Canada B、sandwich C、street D、month E、tell F、east

1、England ,Austalia ,China

2、draw ,climb ,play

3、biscuit ,cake ,hamburger

4、shop ,Chinatown ,retaurant

5、year ,day ,week

6、south ,west ,north

Module6, unit1 .2测试题


一封来自美国的信 中国食物 和??一起玩 刀和叉

someday American park London difficult send kite write


meet(过去式 ) difficult(反义词) sandwich(复数)

photo(复数) finish (单三) have not (缩写) has not(缩写)


1. I play_______ a toy.

A. to B. with C. about

2. I’ve got a letter _______ China.

A.to B.about. C.from

3. It’s a letter______ Chinese food.

A.from B. about. C.to

4. The question is very difficult ______me.

A. for B.to C. about

5. I have got some photos ________Canada.

A. of B.about C.from

6.Our school starts _______half past four.

A.at B.in C. on

7.Our school_______ at half past four.

A.finishes B.finishs C. finished

8.Lingling ________got a pet dog.

A.has B.have C.had

9. I like ______.

A.swim B.swimming C.swiming

10.Have you got a schoolbag?______

A. Yes,I have. B. No, I have. C.Yes , I haven’t.


1、She’s got a letter in America,

2、I’ve got an email ,

3、I live in Beijing ,

4、Sam has got a toy car ,

5、I’ve got some chipsticks ,

6、I want to go swimming ,

A 、and it’s from my pen friend.

B、but I can’t use it .

C、and he often plays with it .

D、but she can’t read it .

E、but I am not a Chinese .

F、but I’ve got a cold .


1、Yesterday I ________(meet) my English teacher .

2、Last night my father ___________(tell) me about China .

3、I _________(live) here in New York .

4 、I ________(am) very happy .

5 、She _________(live) in London when he was young .

6、 She ofen__________ (come) to help me at that time .

7、 He___________ (has)return to China .

8、 They _________(are) my friends .

9、Daming_________ (has) got a Chinese kite .


1、 I play football badly _________I play basketball well .

2、 I met my fridnds ____________we played chess .

3、 I took my umbrella ___________it didn’t rain .

4 、Last night I watched TV_________ I listened to CDs . 5 、I can play the flute______ I can’t play the Erhu . 6 、I want a computer _______it’s too expensive .

7 、I want to go to the library________ it is ten to seven .

8、 I went home ________I ate lunch .

9 、I ate a sandwich_________ an apple .

10、 I think it is an apple_________ it is an orange .

11、Sam has got a pet dog__________ he often play with it .

12、She’s got an email in French_________ she can’t read it .


1、China ,I ,someday, to ,want ,visit .

2 、America ,about, Have, got ,you ,a, book?

3 、says ,Daming, you, he ,to ,will ,write, soon .

4 、You’ve ,postcard ,got, a ,New York, from .

八、句子排序。为所给句子按正确顺序标号,组成一段对话。 ( )can you speak English ?

( ) Hello ,Daming .pleased to meet you .

( ) Yes, I can speak some English.

( ) Pleased to meet you, too.

( ) Oh, you speak very good English!

Module7, unit1 .2测试题

一、 写出下列单词的相应形式

1. say (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

2. copy (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

3.eat (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

4.love (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

5. sleep (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

6. do (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

7. dance (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

8. come (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)


看 相信 模仿 非常好的 幸运的 12小时 出来 有趣的 礼物


1.A baby sleeps ________sixteen hours a day.

A. in B. for C. to

2.They love_______ trees..

A. climbing B. climb C. climbed

3. ________does the tiger sleep?

The tiger sleeps for fifteen hours a night..

A. When B. How long

4. ________does the rabbit sleep? The rabbit sleeps in the day.

A. When B. How long

5.Do you love bananas? .-________

A.No , I didn’t B. No , I don’t C. I don’t

6.Does she live in Beijing? ._________

A. Yes, she does. B.Yes, I do.. C. Yes, she do.

7.It’s a new book______- animals.

A. for B. about C. in

8.The Spring Festival is in January ______________February.

A. or B.and C.but

9.What________ it say

A.do B.does C.did


1、out ,Why ,coming ,the ,of ,the, is ,snake ,box ?

2、a ,What ,present ,fantastic !

3、snake ,is, The, thinks, the, another ,flute, snake .

4、says ,hear, It, snakes ,can’t.

5、interesting, What ,CD-ROM ,an !

Module8, unit1 .2测试题


读故事 吃快餐 打篮球 看电视 整理房间 帮妈妈 当然 读书 一长段时间 玩?? read book go to the library picture book 经常 总是 清理 从不


Story people I story photo


( ) 1. A. famous B. fantastic C. interesting D. family

( ) 2. A. write B. play C. big D. read

( ) 3. A. Harbin B. London C. Guilin D. Kunming

( ) 4. A. windy B. winter C. summer D. spring

( ) 5. A. south B. sad C. north D. east


1. I often ______TV programmes. (watch)

She often-________ TV programmes.

2. I often_________ my room. (tidy)

He often _________his room.

3. Mary________ her homework every evening. (do)

4. Li Ming often _________swimming in the summer. (go)

5. Does she often ___________football on Sunday? (play)

6. He often__________ ice cream. (eat)

7. Do you often_________ your Dad? (help)

8. What are you doing? I’m _________my room? (clean)


1、is, There, book ,a ,picture ,photo ,in ,this .

2 、like, Do ,you ,books ,now, reading ?

3 、you, Do, to ,want ,see, photos, my?

4 、time ,stopped, I ,a ,ago ,long .

5 、often ,You ,with, are, dolls ,play?


1、 We’ll come to your house _________half an hour .

A、on B、from C、for

2、Oh! I have some bad news . I didn’t ___________any drinks .

A、bring B、brought C、brings

3、Look! We can drink water ______this cup .

A、 in B、 by C、 from

4、 Hi ,Lingling ,Are you doing _________today ?

A、anything B、something C、any

5、 I love looking ________photos .

A、at B、in C、 for

6、 What’s the_________ ,Dad ?

A、wrong B、matter C、thing

7、 He _________to go swimming .

A、want B、wants C、wanted

Module9, unit1 .2测试题


1带来和平 . 2.联合国大楼 3.许多

4.在??内 5全世界 6.照相


1 .visit 2.make 3.play 4.paint

5.jump 6.sing 7.go 8.eat

9.put 10.cut 11.like 12.tidy


1.I want to _________the school.

A. to go B. go C. going

2.She wants to ___________a nurse..

A.do B.be C. make

3.Do you want to go the UN building___________?.

A.inside B.in C.to

4.Many ___________are in the UN.

A. country B.countries C.countrys

5.The UN to make peace in the world..

A.wants B.want

6.We can see a lot of flags _____________-all around the world..

A. in B.from

7.He wants to get something _________.

A. drink B. to drink C.drinking

8、Is the UN building big or small? ._________

A. Yes,it is. B.No, it isn’t C.It’s tall.

9、Who like climbing? The monkey________ climbing.

A.like B.likes C.liked

10、I always ride my bike to school, I _________go by bus.

A. often B. always C. never

11、 A: _________. B: Not very often.

A. What do you do on Spring Festival?

B. Do you like noodles?

C. Do you often go to see the film?

12、 Here’s a flag _______China.

A. from B. with C. on

13、 A: What is it? B:__________

A. They are flags. B. It’s a train C. Yes, it is.

14、 Do you want to go _________?

A. to B. from C. into

15、 These flags are from different _________.

A. countries B. country C. countrys

16、 They want to__________ peace to the world.

A. buy B. bring C. play

17 ___________-a fantastic present!

A. How B. Where C. What


1、from ,are, countries, flags, 191 ,There .

2、from, I ,to, show, Daming ,a, China ,want ,present .

3、peace ,bring, They ,to, to, the ,want ,world .

4、UN, want, Do ,you ,to ,visit ,the, New York ,building, in ?

五、 选择正确的答案,并将序号填在括号内。(10分) ( )1. A: Beijing’s got about 14 __________people.

A. million B. thousand C. hundred

( )2. We_________go there. Because it’s snowing.

A. can B. can’t C. aren’t

( )3. These kites are beautiful. And they are __________China.

A. in B. from C. on

( )4. On________ Day, people say “Thank you” for their family.

A. Spring Festival B. Lantern Festival C. Thanksgiving

( )5. I ______sing songs, but I __________do Taijiquan.

A. can’t can’t B. can can’t C. can can

( )6. A: Have you got a dog__________ a cat? B: I’ve got a cat.

A. or B. and C. but

( )7. A: Do the pandas eat meat? B:__________

A. Yes, he is. B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, they do.

( )8. Do you often____________ your room?

A. clean B. cleaning C. cleaned

( )9. I______ go to Harbin. The snow is very beautiful in winter.

A. can B. want to C. want

( )10. Look at the library rules _______“ talk in the library.”

A. Don’t B. Please C. You can

六、 读一读,选出合适的词填空。(10分)

soon, be, have got, New York, postcard, from, visit, fly, park, but Laura lives in _____, but she isn’t ______American. She is___ England.Today, Sam and Amy have got a ____, it’s from Laura. Dear Sam and Amy:

Daming is my friend and I want you to my friends, too. Do you like _______China? Someday I wan to _______China. I like Chinese kite and I _________it with Daming in the ____________. I_____ some chopsticks, they are difficult. Can you teach me? I hope you can write to me.

Daming says he will write to you __________.

Module10, unit1 .2测试题

一、 写出下列单词的相应形式。

1. come (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

2. have (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

3. drink (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)

4.stop (单三) (现在分词) (过去式) (汉语)


1.图书室制度 2.不能步行 3.借书卡

4.直走 5.安静 6.站成一排

7.向右转 8.向左转 9.转圈


( ) 1.. ________a fantastic present !

A. How B. Where C. What

( ) 2. Which sentence is not correct? (以下哪一句是不正确的)

A. Snakes like music B. Cats like fish.

C. Pandas eat for twelve hours a day

( ) 3. Have you got a book _______America?

A. in B. about C. for

( )4. Have you got any stamps from Canana?___________

A. No, he hasn't. B. No, I haven't.

( )5. What do you do on Spring festvial ?

A. We see dragon boat race.

B. We have a big family dinner.

( ) 6. Have you got_________basketball?

A. a B. any

( ) 7. Have you got________toy cars?

A. a B. any

( ) 8. A: How ______is it? B: It’s about 8 thousand kilometers.

A. big B. tall C. long

( ) 9. Fujian(福建) is in the_________ of China.

A. west B. east C. north

( ) 10. These postcards ___________great!

A. is B. are C. a

( ) 11. A: Thank you again! B:____________

A. That’s all right B. Yes, of course C. You’re welcome.

( ) 12. Have you got a knife and fork _______________chopsticks?

A. for B. but C. or

( ) 13. I’ve got a violin __________I can’t play it.

A. but B. and C. or

( ) 14. Daming and Sam ____________a cat.

A. has got B. have got C. gets

( ) 15. I’ve got an email_____________ .

A. in English B. for Chinese C. with French


7:00 1:25 2:37 5:50 8:40 9

五、根据情景选择句子,将正确答案的序号填在括号内。 ( )1.当你问询问对方的计划时,应该问:

A. Are you a teacher?

B. Do you want to go to Shanghai?

C. What’s this?

( )2.当你要求别人保持安静时,应该说:

A. Pleased to meet you.

B. What a fantastic present.

C. Please be quiet.

( )3.当你马路上遇到红灯时,应该对同行的人说:

A. Stop! Don’t go!

B. Please stand in line!

C. Go straight on!

( )4.当别人对你说“Thank you.”时,你应该回答:

A. You’re welcome. 30 :

B. Thank you again.

C. I’m sorry.

( )5.当你想表达自己不了解某件事情时,应该说:

A. Thank you.

B. I don’t know.

C. I don’t believe it.


Daming and Sam ( comes, come ) to a park. Simon and his mum (go,went).there often. They (had, have) a picnic. Simon (is, was)hungry and Daming (is, was) thirsty. Simons mum (give, gave) the boys their sandwiches. The boys (say, said),Thank you. Simon’s mum (forget forgot) to bring any drinks, The boys only (drink, drank) the clean water.

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