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Lesson 10


Lesson 10

When is Halloween?
? It’s on October 31.

Can you tell me more about Halloween?

They dress up at night. They knock on the door. They say trick or treat.

dress up

They get candy.
knock on

get candy

Can you tell me more about the Dragon Boat Festival?

sticky rice dumplings

have the dragon boat races

remember Qu Yuan

We eat sticky rice dumplings. We have the dragon boat races. We do that to remember Yuan.

Can you tell me more about the computer room?

We play games in the computer room. We surf the internet in it .

Can you tell me more about the art room?

draw pictures

We draw pictures in the art room.

Can you tell me more about the man? He is friendly. He is old. He is tall. Can you tell me more about the teacher? She is young. She is kind . old, tall, friendly

She is pretty.
young, kind, pretty

the Mid-Autumn Festival

the Spring Festival

Can you tell me more about the Mid-Autumn Festival?

It’s in the middle of Autumn.

get together



It is a festival in the The whole family middle of autumn. gets together.

We eat moon cakes and fruit.

We enjoy the bright full moon.

Can you tell me more about the spring Festival?

get together

eat dumplings.

enjoy the Spring Festival Party

The whole family gets together.
We eat dumplings.

We enjoy the Spring Festival Party.

He is old, tall and friendly. She is young,……… We eat……… We play……

Can you tell me more about………..?

1 The little children of a lot of _________( candy, cookies) cookies from the old man.

taller 2 I’m younger but _____ ( stronger, taller) than Guoguo.

two 3 Bob got_____(two, seven) more fish than Dick.

1 The old man gave the little children a lot of cookies.

2 I’m younger but taller than Guoguo.

3 Dick got five fish and Bob got seven fish. Bob got_____(two, seven) more fish than Dick. two

up 1 It’s Halloween. Children dress ______at night. knock 2 Don’t _________on the door. They are not at home .
3 We don’t get gifts. We get a lot of ________ . candy

say 4 You must ______Thank you when you get help from others.

1.Where does the hungry fox find a lot of food?

2.Why can’t he get out of the hole?

3.How can he get out?


say October 31 candy knock dress up We have Halloween on ________________. Children at night. They on doors and “Trick or treat. They get a lot of ..

Read and number(读句子排序)
( ( ( )we say Trick or treat )we get candy )we knock on the door


)Children dress up at night

Homework 1 听录音跟读本课课文和故事; 2 抄写read and write. 3 继续背诵9-10课文

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