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1、(be) our second lesson.

2、How (come) to school?

3、Look! The boy 4、It’s hard to (learn) Enghish well.

5、6、(have) breakfast?

7、8、I 9、They 10、11、Let’s go12、It’s time(have) classes.

13、He 选择题:20%

( )1、There are many bananas the tree.

A、in B、on C、of D、with

( )2、Please don’t stand behind .

A、I B、me C、my D、mine

( )3、Which truck has ladders the first , the second or the third?

A、more B、most C、the more D、the most

( )4、The sun is bigger than the moon.

A、quite B、very C、much D、more

( )5、You are busy. I am A、a few B、a little C、quite D、very

( )6、These are his trousers. Mine over there.

A、is B、am C、be D、are

( )7、A、don’t worry. B、Not worry. C、Don’t be worry. D、Not be worried

( )8、—only a few kilometres.

A、How much B、How many C、How far D、How long

( )9、The students are going to play football after school.

A、the B、a C、× D、an

( )10、it.

A、is going to have, watch B、is going to be , watch C、has, see D、is going to be, look at

( )11、Who studies A、good B、better C、the better D、the best

( )12、.

A、my one B、me C、her’s D、mine

( )13、It’s very far. Why by bus?

A、not going B、not go C、don’t go D、not to go

( )14、English and he has English friends.

A、a little, a few B、a few, a little C、a little, few D、a few, little

( )15、It’sA、fifty past two. B、ten to three. C、two past fifty. D、fifty to two.

( )16、“come to supper?“ Thank you! I’d love to.”

A、Would you like to B、Are you like C、Shall we love to D、Would you like

( )17、“I’m sorry I can’t do it”

A、Not at all B、You’re welcome C、I doesn’t matter D、OK

( )18、there is A、a B、an C、the D、×

( )19、I get up A、at, in B、at, on C、at, at D、on, on

( )20、A、is B、are C、be D、×

Fill in the blanks with proper words.(20%) In there are many beautiful flowers in the garelen. The birds begin songs.

In summer the rivers.

In autumn the weather becomes cooler day by day. It is the Winter in the north of China.

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